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    Good habits are very rewarding

    Every one has a particular life style and way to live in this world. People acquire habits and traits during their upbringing and then it remains with them till the end. Some of us have nurtured good habits while others are not so careful to bother about them and take things lightly. If we analyse the outcome of good habits in our lives it is phenomenal and mind boggling. There are some advantages that accrue in our life automatically without our knowing about them. As said virtue is its own reward, good habits go a long way in making the life convenient and comfortable. But inculcating good habits is no joke as it comes with great upbringing and practice. Parents have a great role in it to inculcate them in their children. I am a firm believer that good habits are very crucial for success and contentment in life. If habits are good there would be no regret or repenting in our lives. What do the members think about it?

    My 15th entry for the thread a day contest.
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    For a successful and fruitful life and attain a smooth journey one requires discipline and order in ones life and that only comes when one has good habits. I think that people having good habits are a lucky lot.
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