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    Have courage to appreciate others

    We are all habituated to charge criticism against others even on small matters and we do not even repent to say sorry for our wrong assumptions. At the same time we are not ready to appreciate those who make achievements and progress in their own way and in their own approach. When we criticize others it is easy to say some thing against even without going into the deep of such utterances, but we always distance ourselves from praising others because we feel sulking when others makes progress with such ease. Have the courage to pat others.

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    It is not that we need the courage to appreciate others but it is accepting it. If we are ready to accept them, their work, their progress, their help, their company, their suggestion, etc will be appreciated. It is normally seen that we feel a bit low when we see them moving ahead of us and that is when we try to pull them down. We know that what they are doing is good but we try to find fault in them in even the good they do. It is accepting that they are good, they are helpful, they can manage well, they are moving ahead in life, they are better than us that we will feel to appreciate them for their achievement of work they do. It is not that only big things need to be applauded but even a small help or suggestion needs to be appreciated. Their smile, they lending a helping hand to carry your luggage to your car or home, holding the door for you, getting a cup of tea/coffee, giving a lift or dropping you or your family member at a place, etc are good works that can be accepted and appreciated. It is not always a thank you but even a smile or a node is enough to tell them that you are thankful.
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    You need some courage when you are frightened or feel threatened. When others are doing their jobs in their own way there is no need to feel threatened and their efforts are always appreciable. Only these types of things come to our minds when we start comparing our situation with others. If we start thinking that somebody is going ahead and we have to stop her/him anyhow then this feeling of harsh criticism comes to our mind. Otherwise, there is no reason why one should not be appreciated for their efforts and achievements.

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    People with feeble mind usually doesn't like to appreciate others as they don't like others to excel more in comparison to them. Appreciating others is a good quality and it is a positive quality of a self confident individual.

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    This is one commodity that is in short supply in most. And that includes me too. Most of the times, we really find it difficult to appreciate others efforts. We are either envious of them or our ego doesn't simply allow us to accept their achievements. But then, why to blame anyone. We are all humans and thus prone to err. After all, it is easy to criticise even for the slightest of fault, but very difficult to appreciate for the most magnanimous of efforts. It sure takes courage to appreciate others and one who can do it is loved by one and all.
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    Appreciating others is very much required. In ISC we see all appreciating the winners after announcing the results of a contest. That is the spirit and it should be there with all. We should not feel jealous of others success and we should welcome and encourage them. It is true that many people criticise but only a few people only appreciate. No courage is required to appreciate but no jealousy should be there to understand the other's positive points and appreciate them. So let us all inculcate the habit of appreciating others to motive them.
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    We can easily have the courage to appreciate others as far as their success does not impact our name, fame or identity and they are not competitors in our field. But appreciating success of someone who is a competitor to us or whose success is going to take the shine out of us or that will impact our fame and popularity and existence, and then we would be appreciating for the formality for declaring that we are broad minded. To be really broad minded and sincerely appreciating may need maturity and magnanimity. They can be called real good people.

    ISC being a virtual field and we are not attached or against any one, another member's success is not going to impact us in any way. So we can sincerely and without prejudice appreciate others success and achievement. But in real world it may not be so always.

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    Appreciating others for their successes and good behaviour is a good gesture and we must inculcate this in our personality as it is beneficial for us, as it would make us more and more cordial in our social etiquette and reputation in the society.
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    Acknowledgment and appreciation to achievements always generate feeling of encouragement in people, so one shouldn't be a miser in offering them some good words.

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    Yes, it is true that we are all human beings and we tend to make mistakes in our life. If people are doing their jobs in their own way, we must appreciate the people who are doing like this. We tend to forget their past performances and ignore them completely because it can be our ego or inferiority complex. We must congratulate their excellence in work and must promote such people so that they will work and will bring more production in work.
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    I agree with Mohan sir that mostly people criticize without thinking of other's emotional, mental, physical or situational problems. Very few people have the courage to appreciate the goodness or success of others.

    But, in ISC I have observed since years that fellow members DO appreciate winners of any contest or reward programs with warm messages.

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