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    What would you change in education system?

    If you were given the right to change one thing in the education system of India, What would you like to change?

    If I was given the right to change one thing in the education system, I would like to close the examination. I would like to provide a certificate to every student that he has completed the education up to higher secondary school and his subjects are as below. It will reduce the stress and students would be able to develop the different skills necessary for them.

    Dear members, what would you like to change in the education system? Please share your opinion in this thread.

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    I don't agree with the proposal of the author. If it happens like that the number of students who have no credibility of learning of higher classes will increase. Because of the lack of minimum skills, the students struggle to acquire knowledge in the higher classes. The quality of education in India will further go down. If there are no exams students become reck-lace and the interest in their learning will go down. Other than this, the failed candidates to be diverted to different courses of their interest that help them to settle in their life. I want one change in our education system is, give more importance to the practical approach rather than theoretical importance.

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    A teacher in the class room one day told that on the next day morning first period would be conducted by playing a tape recorder on the teacher table and no teacher would be available for the first period. He introduced this system to encourage the students to observe the class even in his absence. Next day the teacher did as he told and entered the class five minutes before the period closure but shocked to see that all desks were kept with tape recorders kept record 'on'.
    A qualification is attained only on passing examination only in all sectors. Even in offering employment we ask questions at the time of interview about the qualifications, experience, knowledge in the subjects studied, knowledge on experience possessed, personal details etc., As these are all done, the author suggested to give certificate for course completion but practically it is not good as many students wish to get certificate without going to school or college.
    As for as I am concerned the Moral instruction classes to be introduced in all levels of classes as practiced before 1980.

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    I would abolish the subject 'History' from the school syllabus. Reading history is a wastage of time, and conducting examination on History is unnecessary. History question "Who built Tajmahal? Answer -Shajahan. In which way this is important for our life on earth. Such a history should be left to the individual to study on their own. History is like reading a storybook.
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    I am impressed with the engineering education system of the Philippines where they have a common entry for all in the engineering course. There they have a 5-year course where the 1st year is common, after the 2nd year they get the ITI course certificate, after the 3rd year they get the Diploma certificate, after the 4th year they get the Engineer degree and after the completion of the 5th year, they are awarded Professional Engineer Certification. So, even if a student discontinues in the middle, he has a certificate with which he can work. At present we have different admission for ITI, Diploma, Engineering, etc and if anyone stop or drop-out in the middle due to any problem, his/her earlier years are just waste but if we follow the Philippines, every student will get the opportunity to work or move further with the course certificate that he received till that time. If I am given the right to change one thing in the education system of India, I would try to implement this system in the engineering field. Don't you think this will help the technical student from wasting time or years?
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    If I was given a chance to change on e thing in education system l will like to change the subjects. Subjects will be according to the students as he or she want to be in future. If a student want to become a scientist then from 8th class he or she will given choice to choose subjects as per their future prospects.

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    Before conducting examinations, first of all, it is the teacher's responsibility to educate the students with the goal of a learning-based approach so that the students get attracted to learning. Secondly, an examination should not be scrapped off or banned. The examination should be considered for testing knowledge on what students have learned and not for passing and getting promoted to another class. Along with education, students should be made prepared by institutions for facing challenges in the dynamic world. Students should not be motivated that education will lead to direct jobs. That trend was there in older generations and now this trend is almost gone. So ultimately should be trained for facing real-world challenges.

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    Given a chance I would seek for the uniformity in education system. Today we have so many types of education boards and different ways and style of teaching in states as well as central Govt educational institutions. There should be uniformity in this.
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    To awaken the national spirit with physical, mental, spiritual, spiritual development and to provide employment avenues for living are considered as the main objectives of education, but in the present materialistic era, education has deviated from its original objectives, and it is just Has become a mere means of getting employment

    Privatization in education needs to be deeply deliberated. Comparison between government and private educational institutions is not justified due to the difference in objectives and background of students. There is a need for 'radical' changes in the selection process of teachers.
    The academic base (degree) as well as important human qualities must be valued. In addition to the qualities developed by human beings, in addition to the qualities developed by human beings, the qualities and human values ??should also be preferred. For whom education and knowledge is only a means of getting employment, such people should not be teachers
    There are three major functions in higher education - teaching, research and academic administration. It is not easy for any teacher to have equal authority over these three. If someone is more interested in teaching, then someone will have the ability to carry out research and academic responsibilities well.

    Suggestions are sought from almost all sections of the society for 'National Education Policy' by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, we should give appropriate suggestions.

    It remains to be seen how the Ministry of Human Resource Development deals with these challenges.

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    The education system in our country has gone through many changes and modifications and more are on the anvil. This is an ongoing process. Changes have to be incorporated due to the emerging needs. If I am given a chance to modify or make a change then my only wish would be to incorporate skill elements in our education from the lower classes itself. Today we are lacking the practical parts much and then suffering in our work places for small things and becoming a ridicule in front of the old employees. That has to be corrected by improving the present trends.
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    I don't agree with the proposal of closing the examination from the education system. If it will happen the total education system will be crashed down because the students who have no credibility and lack of minimum skills will get higher class degree. The quality of education will be very poor. Majority of the students will gather zero knowledge and lose interest in their studies.
    However, there are several issues which are required to be changed. If I was given the right to change one thing in education system, I would like to change the purpose of education . Education is not all about becoming a big, famous, rich person. It should be about humanism because life is much more beyond money. At the end of life success is not measured in money. So students must be taught each and every subject in depth. Students should give equal importance to all subjects because every subject is correlated with each other. And from there they should learn the morals of life.

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