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    Do you think spirituality is really more valuable than materialism?

    Spirituality is a term related to God, religion, devotion, peace, rituals, prayers, enlightenment, etc. Spirituality is actually what people think as the opposite of materialism. Materialism is a thing related to acquiring physical or material things. Materialism relates bodily comforts and enjoyment and it ends with the body. According to spiritualists, spirituality is eternal and after death, it leaves the dead body and enters into another body. Thus spiritualism is immortal. Spiritualist question why people go after materialistic possessions that have no permanency and waste their time. Of course, what they say is for a minimum life-sustaining needs one has to work on materialistic things. But it is wise to spend more time on spirituality rather than aggregating materialistic possessions.

    Members, In your view, what is more important-spirituality or materialism? What is the impact of materialism over spirituality? Do you think materialism and spirituality cannot exist without each other?

    This is my 15th July thread in response to ISC 13th Birthday contest
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    According to me, materialism is greater than spirituality. Why because, materialism can be physically seen, understood and experienced. This gives us enjoyment in life that we are going to live for a few years on this earth. Spirituality is only a thought and unknown. Someone teaches and preaches spirituality, and we follow it blindly. It talks about the pleasure after death which is known to none on this earth.

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    If given the option to choose which one is more valuable spirituality or materialism. I would like to say that it is totally personal view. It may vary from person to person. Definitely, Pious people would give priority to spirituality. On the other hand, those who are little pious would give value to materialism. Nowadays, most people believe in materialism as it is related to comfort of life whereas, spirituality connects to us God which is unseen. Moreover, spirituality is permanent which existence would be there after death also. In this materialistic world, it is very difficult to have faith over spiritualism.

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    Normally a person takes to spiritualism at the fag end of the life and until then he shall be pursuing the materialism and wants to enjoy all bodily enjoyment of the life. People feel that spiritualism can stay but opting to materialism is the must to enjoy the life as the privacy would be certain all the time. And for adopting the spiritualism there must be reason and a group to follow, but for adapting to materialism one need not ask the other permission. But again there are people giving prominence to both spiritualism and materialism in their young life and that give the good reason for them to balancing like multi tasking at the office.
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    As long as you live on this earth we require certain things which are minimum and one should see that they will have those so that they have a peaceful life. Then think of God and other spiritual activities. But we should not go for luxuries and in that pursuits deceiving and doing all sorts of things are not good. So both are required. But materialism should be in its limits and should not go beyond its limits. Spirituality can be as much possible to you. but materialism should be the minimum. Always we should balance the issues in that ration.
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    Spirituality is for the development of our thinking process and mental status. It makes us calm and quiet in wordily sense. It is something which is difficult to attain but is like an eternal bliss once adopted in one's life. On the other hand material progress is for physical pleasures and indulgences. That would not help in increasing our mental level in real sense. It is said and advised that a person should adopt the spiritual ways especially in the later part of life when he is free from all responsibilities and worldly affairs. Many people opt for it but every one would not have that inclination.
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    What we see in this world now is people who had possessed much materials and indulged in materialism reach a stage where the material possession do not give them feeling of fruition and remain unsatisfied with life and materialism. Then they turn to spirituality.
    Spirituality is seeing the same manifestation of the Supreme Being in every living thing, and giving equal importance or unimportance to everything. Hence they do remain detached to material possession. Some people learn this quite early in their life and some, later or very late in life. That is the difference.

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