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    Then, you need to look behind

    Don't think I am telling you to look backwards while participating in a race. It's also not advisable to look backwards while progressing because unless and until you are moving forward you won't be able to progress. But there are some situations when you need to look backwards. Let me give you an example to clarify things. This happened during my childhood. One afternoon we were playing inside the park and it's very usual for the children to arrive one after another with some interval in between their arrival. We were waiting for one such friend and suddenly found he was running very fast towards the park from the lane of his house after being chased by a street dog. It's not very unusual sight because at times children make those creatures angry and they, in turn, chase the kids. We were laughing thinking he might have done something terrible with that dog. My friend was frightened and running so fast that he crossed the park and ran towards another lane. We were watching from behind. After a little while, the dog stopped chasing and slowly returned to its place. Our friend didn't return, though we were not much worried. After a long time, we saw our friend coming towards the park panting. He was so tired and sat down inside the park near the gate. He took some rest and had water. After feeling relaxed, we asked him the reason for his panting and tiredness. He told he ran so fast that he went to another locality. People there asked him the reason for his running and he told about the chase. People then assured him that there is no dog chasing him and then only he stopped. He walked all the way from that locality because of which he was tired.

    So, what you got from this story? When you are being chased run but after reaching a safe place you need to look behind to see whether you are still being chased. If not, then you need to change your plan. Though you need to be aware of your surroundings to find a safe place.

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    One should not have a straight vision only, but should have an all round vision. Ig God has created eyes at the rear, we won't be doing any head exercise to keep ourself fit. You are right. We should look back and see what has been done by us. A well-narrated story from you.

    Kindly, go back to your past threads and see whether you have counter responded to all the responses with a question posted to your threads. If not, you won't be considered for the prize. Kindly look back and understand what I am saying.

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    In life, even if we are progressing in life, we need to look behind. It is often said that we need to look back and must never forget our path or roots. When we progress, we need to take along with us the one's that stood with us i.e. our family, our friends, our colleagues, our teams etc. In the example given by the writer, it is fine to say that once we reach a safe place, we need to look back but in life, we need to pause and take time to look back. We need to have an audit to track our progress with the path taken, our gain, our loss, etc. If we can get a good audit report then only we will be able to have a peaceful and happy life.
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    In a race, you need not look back. But when somebody is trying to chase you, you should have a look back. While a dog is chasing you it will not do silently, it will be barking also. At least he should have looked back when he is not hearing any sound also. Anyhow when we are in tension we may not think anything and we will not understand what we are doing also. So it is better to have a look around always instead of having only in oneway.
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    Thank you, Sun for reminding me to look into the threads that I have posted earlier though my intention was to accept the challenge and not receiving the prize. One important thing is mentioned by Varghese. It is important to audit the actions to decide on our future course. What Dr Rao said is quite realistic. Even if we are chased we need to be aware to find more ways rather than running only in one direction. One thing is clear from the responses of the members and that this one has to look behind at times to decide on the future course of actions.

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    This is an interesting thread highlighting the need of all round observational skills in us to know what is happening around us. Focussed and hard working approach is necessary but in between that journey, to pause and look around is also much required.
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    Here in this story many things can be chiseled out. First of all the dog would not chase a particular person and this case your friend. Animals usually mend their ways and dogs are loyal to the local people and they recognize them by color and person foot steps. Only when someone attack a street dog they get anger and start chasing when ever spotted him. And one should not run when the dog chases and that would give the animal much more right and anger to attack in ferocious way. He should have stopped and try to over power it. And every dog has the boundary within which it operates and would not just run after the enemy. So your friend out of frightening has gone running to other colony to which that dog was not accustomed as every dog has their own boundary which they would not cross.
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    One has to look behind to decide the future actions and also not fall trap onto ego, overconfidence. A humble person will be able to reach heights.

    If he had taken help from his friends at the initial stage itself, then he need not run at all. He could have taken help from pedestrians too. Unity is strength, he could have come out of the problem without getting tired. Smart work is better than hard work.

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    While we are on our path of achievements, we must take a pause and should look back our previous achievements. This process gives us a sense of satisfaction of our progress. The story narrated by the author is of special significance indicating that the chasing of the dog made the man to run fast and hence a chaser is also important to achieve our accomplishments. Fearness to fail in our mission would also create a momentum in our progress . Here fearness should be treated as chasing of dog and our consequent movement is due to this fearness.

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    Mohan Sir, dogs do have a special relation with kids whom they generally do not attack. But there are many kids who try to annoy the dogs and in those cases, the dogs keep a track of such kids. Then when they get the chance they try to chase away those kids. The same thing happened to my friend I think. What you suggested is right. One should not run while chased by a dog. But at times, kids get frightened and start running on seeing a dog chasing them.

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