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    How comfortable is your Home as a work place?

    The question looks to be silly. Home would be the best place to be secured and comfortable in all aspects. With family members around, there would be no chance of feeling loneliness, discomfort and frustration etc.,

    Our lifestyle has changed after the prevailing of Covid19 elsewhere and many employees have been asked to continue 'work from home'. All most all the software companies adopted the system and it may continue till this year end or beyond. Other private companies and Government agencies are trying to accommodate the work distribution and asking them to work from home on rotational basis. A recent survey revealed that 59% say that 'work from home' is freedom from their boss while 56% are afraid of losing their jobs in future and 72% are feeling likely to face salary cuts.

    From the parental or spouse perspective, no specific timings are followed and they are continuously affected by the online activities. On the other side, frequent electric disruptions and net connectivity problems are other major hurdles for those who are working from home. Particularly those working in Metro cities and popular stations have moved to their native places and finding difficult to cope with the online work pressure due to the internet and electric fluctuations. The younger lot are very busy in redesigning their work places by changing the interiors and expanding the speed facilities of their internet connectivity, also arranging for alternate modes of electric supplies.

    What are your views and experiences on this account?
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    In our area that is Navi Mumbai there is no problem regarding electric supply and our family being a small one we do not have any disturbance or interruption in our work which we are doing from home. It is so far suiting us perfectly but as I had been a student of Psychology I am feeling a sad shadow of loneliness and isolation which is slowly gripping us all which could eventually do some harm to our mental stability as we are deprived of the company outside our houses. We are missing the vital interactions with the nature around us and that is not a healthy sign.
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    Home is always best place to work as it has very positive environment around as compared to office. For ladies it is sometimes difficult to manage time and quite place. If a lady is in family, she is always expected to be on toes to fulfill family member's demands 24x7. In such case, home might not be as comfortable as a workplace. But if all family members are supportive nature then home could be the best place for everyone.
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    We live in joint family and I have 2 brother and in total we 3 brothers have 6 children so sometimes it is impossible to work from home. In a home with 6 children sleep peacefully in day time and working from home in this environment is just a dream.

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    Many people thinks that work from home is convenient rather than working in office outside. But this may be possible for assigned work but for some people it is more difficult to work in the house as find no time to move from the seat. In office we can move here and there to take file or for tea/coffee etc., but in house many of us pasted with seat in order to complete the hand work but the workflow continuous in some time and thereby got tired.

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    My house has become an office these days. Two sons working from home. They are on their computer for more than 12 hours. My brother's son who stays with us for his B Tech study will be on his computer for online classes and I will be on my laptop doing some work. So the situation is like an office only.
    One thing I noticed is for I T employees there is no time limit. Even at 10 PM in the night, they will be receiving a call from their colleague and they have to attend to it. There is no time limit. Another issue is web meetings and there is no end for those meetings. It will be continuing for hours together.
    The ladies in the house are feeling that working in the office is better. Once they are out of office they need not worry about the office. But these days there is no time for these guys to spend with their kith and kin.

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    What I feel that many of the middle class society people live with less space and more people concept and invariably much things would be arranged in a single room and during the work from home period one has to be confined in the room for at least 8 hours but in the same room some more members have the work or would have kept the things to which they keep on coming in and disturbing. And if the children are round the corner, they want to play and enjoy. Many chide the father that even he is at home, he is not playing with the children and thus work from home is not beneficial to many.
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    Work form home(WFH) is treated with mix feeling as at times it is good. We do not have to travel, make tiffins, we are at home for the family and with the family but when we look at the other side, there are no time frame, more work pressure, frequent electric disruptions and net connectivity problems, family members may require things and we need to attend that, etc. When you are in office, you have a shift timing, routine, colleagues and other facilities but at home, you are left with no option but to complete it and even attend to family. At times we may have to put Do not Disturb - can't you read the sign? on the door or our face as it is so disturbing that we may lose our cool. If we have many rooms, we can dedicate one room for the office work but in cities where you live in a 1RK or 1BHK flat, it is very difficult to keep up with the office work. We had a chat about it with my nieces who are doing their WFH and they said, they are finding it very difficult to handle with work pressure on right and family on their left.
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