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    Beware of fake applauds and appreciations

    Whenever a person learns a new thing or new skill he likes to show it to others. It is, I think, a general tendency among people. There is nothing wrong in it. Suppose I am learning singing and then I decide to sing in a small gathering to get the feedback of those people then most of the times the feedback would be excellent or full of applauds. But you do not know whether you have really fared well or the people are just telling those sweet words as a courtesy. It is necessary to know that because fake applaud or appreciation would simply mislead us. In such cases it is better to get the assessment done by a neutral agency which can give the correct assessment about our performance. We should not be carried away by the fake ones. What do the members think about this?

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    Many people indeed have this diplomacy habit of giving good feedback for each and everything. Many feel that giving correct feedback or judgement may not be liked by them as everyone want to hear good or applauded. Indeed, many people will not like it if you give them the right assessment and would say that we are jealous or emulate. Everyone like gets appreciation and this is what even we would like but for our betterment, we need to improve and the correct evaluation so that we will be able to correct, modify and change for the betterment.
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    Nicely said. These days many people make video and post them on social media. We will be happy to see how many likes we get and how many comments we got. But we never think those likes and comments are given by our friends and relatives to please us. By seeing those comments we feel that we are excellent, you will stop further learning and thinking we have mastered. That is very bad and we will restrain ourselves from our development. If somebody really wants us to excel in some specialisation or art, they should watch our performance should give a genuine opinion so that we will improve wherever necessary. But nobody is doing that. Our parents may be doing that to some extent but not many. So self-analysis is very important. We should know our levels and try to improve.
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    In the present generation people never like to get a negative feed back for them. Towards such people they develop grudge and scold them as they like. Because of this many people they applaud the people infront of them but talk badly at back of them. Actually this type of applauds bring more harm to people rather helping them. A correct feed back will help people to rectify their defects and can excel in future.

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