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    Family chat group: The 21st-century version of family-time using the social-media platform.

    Everyone would be having their family groups in the social media platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, etc that allows us to messages, texts, pictures and videos with our family members who in different cities, states of our country or even working or residing in other countries. Though it is popular with the millennials, nowadays even the oldies are having active participation as it helps them to be with the family, their children and grandchildren. Some study even reports that people who are connected with their family through social media or app felt more attached to their family, felt less forlorn and amour propre.

    The thought of raising this thread today is because our family group have become more active during the pandemic or lockdown. Usually, my sisters and their family would visit our home during the summer vacation but they could not due to COVID-19. The group first set-up a family group on google duo and IMO. We started making calls to chit-chat about what is happening around and to know about each other's health and whereabouts. Then we kept 9 days way of the cross during the Lent season, we made a group call on Easter and then onwards do make a group call on every Sunday evening. Generation Y came up with the idea of having fun during the call and then we started to keep one-one activities every Sunday. We started with Antakshari, Bible quiz, Sing the song from the English translation, prankish question(kusruthi chodyam), Riddles, food housie, Rack your brain along with the photographer hidden in you, etc. Different people/member/family are given the chance to organise and come up with their unique thoughts and games each week. The next on the list is a Masterchef in the family kitchen and travelogue housie.

    Are you'll active in your family group? Do your family group organise games and activities? Do share your family group activities that you enjoy and do in your family group. Let others know about the fun activities of your family group.

    (My 15th entry for the ISC 13th Birthday Special - A thread a day challenge. )
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    Good to see the social media platform is used for fun and games but what I had found that the social media groups are greatly sharing the recipes and fashion statements and nothing more than that. But from the mention of the author it is now known that social media can be used for games and fun and it would be nice to see group members involved in activities. But there should be a moderator and judge to decide winner each game. What we have done that we randomly ask the last number of the mobile phone and he or she would be winner of that game. And those who wear the green saree at the time of game would be winner. And each play goes with such ideas.
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    I do not have such a group as we did not think in those terms but now after reading this thread it makes sense to go for a family group as it would be very helpful in communicating and helping each other.
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    My Whatsapp had 4 groups named as "Family". One was my family, another was my in-laws family, then one was the groups of my maternal cousins, one was my hostel friend circle. We found it difficult to distinguish them and then renamed them suitably. Yes, exposure to such social platforms is good for old age people as it makes them feel connected with the family. My parents are living alone in Mumbai and we do video calls daily. It is good for kids also as they can feel a connection with their grandparents and vice versa.

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    We are 5 brothers and 4 sisters. We live in different places. My parents live in another place. We have grown up sons and daughters and they are also married and living in separate places. So we all have a WhatsApp group. We communicate through this group. The group is very active now as we are not able to meet each other. Myself, one sister and one brother stay in Hyderabad only. But we are in different areas. So we are not able to meet each other. Before COVID 19 we used to meet weekly. So this group is useful for communication. Once or twice we have a meeting on Zoom. Videos by kids will be shared in this group and enjoy. So this is making us feel that we are together.
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    Now at present social media is helping people to spend their time without boring , otherwise so many may be affected by depression in this lockdown time. Familes forming groups in social media and sharing instantly their various activities and chatting with each other to share the different happenings at different places where they are staying. Recently a function held at my sister's house at Hyderabad we viewed it through zoom application.

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