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    Mobile phone is the best companion to us all these days.

    Allmost from the last 4 months we are not able to go out and have fun. Everybody is sitting inside the fourwalls and moving only when it is a must. No friends or relatives coming to our house or we are not going to them. Only the members in the house are available for any thing. Almost we are isolated.
    No buses or no trains or no flights. Even there are no letters or no courier for a long time.But Cell phones came as a relief to all of us. We are able to talk to friends and relatives and we are able to know their safe being. We are able to see them through video calla and chats.

    We all used our phone and they helped us a lot by connecting us with many people when we are feeling isolates. So I say mobiles are the best companions these days. Once we thought these phones are isolating us from the world. But in this crisis time it proved the other way.

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    Surely mobile phones proved to be handy for every one during this pandemic four months as we could able to order some thing on the phone, keep contacts with those who are near and dear to us, have the enjoyment of listening to the choicest songs during the leisure, and browse the social media accounts for the latest updates on pandemic and above all whole lots of new dishes were tried and tasted during the lock down period much to the delight and enjoyment of the children because to avoid out side food, the house holds started preparing all kinds of sweet and savories and thus people got engaged with work and were seen busy. One thing is sure, had the mobile phones were not there, people would have gone mad as we where not allowed to move out nor anybody coming and seeing us. That would be worst scene of life.
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    Sure. Mobile phones are very useful companion for us. Its immense use is appreciable but at the same time it shows its disturbance. Of course the disturbance is because of ourselves as we are controlling our time of seeing mobile as we addicted to it we got difficulty in eyes, neck etc., Moreover the attack from house persons as we are not heading them.

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    Mobiles are a relief these days as it has helped us to be updated and even in touch with our family members, relatives, friends, college mates, colleagues, etc. Everyone has a group on social media and is updating information. During this pandemic where we were left isolated of jailed within the four walls of our home, it has helped us to be in touch and even pass time. Along with the smartphone or mobile, I would say, the internet played a big role as it was the one that kept us connected and updated.
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    True. Mobile phone has become a constant companion to us. For many it is like a body part. The phone is beside them even when they are sleeping and some even take their smart phones to toilet also.
    When we are waiting at bus stop or when we feel we are alone, the smart phone gives us companionship and we do not feel loneliness. Similarly in travel our Smartphone takes the pace of the co-traveller of early days.

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    I think earlier also it was giving us a good company of course in parallel and only difference now is that today we do no get other company which was so easily available before this pandemic and we never valued this device from that angle.
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    We may live without a spouse, but never without a mobile phone. It has become part and parcel of our life. Also, it is so handy that we can carry it along easily to any place. Of course, we might face some problems due to nonavailability of towers for communication. A trust worthy companion who need to be cared with frequent charging of battery as well as paying the utilization charge in time.

    More than the God, we should thank the person who invented this lovely Mobile phone.

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    We are more than a companion to our mobile- it's not wrong if I say we are slaves to this gadget. If it were not with us during this lockdown period we we would spend our time with our family more sensibly.

    This mobile has disconnected us physically from the world. All our friendship or relationship with people in social media is subject to a click of our tips by blocking or unblocking it.

    We are addicted to usage of mobile and addiction is always unhealthy- physically as well mentally for us. No sooner had our internet package finished than we got it recharged immediately, else this addiction keeps us squirming until it's reinstated.

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