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    Today is the birthday of K.Kamaraj, former chief Minister of Tamilnadu

    Mr. K. Kamaraj, who born in a small city (then village) Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu on 15th July 1903 participated in Freedom war earlier and in 1953 he was assumed charge as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. During his service, he did many things for the people of his state. Rail Coach Factory in Perambur, Hindustan Photo film factory in Ooty, BHEL in Trichy are some examples. Many industrial estates have organized in all cities during his tenure.
    He especially introduced the Free education for Children, Noom Meal Scheme for School Children (which was dispensed later and re started by another CM M.G.Ramachandran on his ruling). Kamrajar was very particular in children education and their welfare.
    Once,during his service, he visited a remote area and the area people requested him as they are getting drinking water facility. He asked the officials surrounded him about the reason for their problem. One of the Chief PWD Engineer told him that their area was in up and it was difficult to raise the water level to their area. He, immediately replied him,'Telling not possible is not good for us, do something for them, get me a good plan in the evening to my guest house. Till that I am not moving out.' By late night of that day the chief engineer tried severely and went to the guest house with a plan. The engineer waited for some time at the guest house and told the CM gone to bed. Engineer with not intending to disturbing CM, went back to his room. In the early morning when the engineer came out of his room to pick up newspaper was CM was waiting there in a chair. With tension he asked for excuse but CM told politely,' I heard that yesterday night you have waited for me, that is alright we are all government servants. Bring that plan'. overwhelmed by seeing the plan, he applauded the engineer and immediately gave approval for that plan and asked the engineer to take up the matter soon.
    He, Mr. K. Kamaraj, served as a role model Chief Minister during his tenure. He lived a very humble and simple life.
    He left this world on 2nd October 1975.
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    Who can forget the great yet simple person called Kamaraj who was not only liked by the Tamils but also by the stalwarts like Nehru and Indira Gandhi. He was so famous across the country and for every important decision the Congress used to take his views and comments. But he always worked for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu and his schemes towards upliftment of children were praise worthy. We came across numerous stories of his simple life and the simplicity through which he ruled the state. Both Karunanidhi and the MGR are the product of Kamraj and the Dravidian principles are even followed today. The world remembers him today on his birthday.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The leaders of yesteryears are real role models to all of us. They never thought of their personal life and their family. A Chief Minister saying that he is a government servant. That one sentence is sufficient to know what type of leader he is? Can we find any such leader these days,
    I read and heard about Sri Kamaraj. Our member Mr Siva Kumar also mentioned about this great leader in his posts earlier if I remember correctly. Such leaders only can help people without selfish intentions. I wish that we will see some such leaders even these days also.

    always confident

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    In politics, we had only one leader who always thought of service to nation and its people. that's Mr. Kamaraj who was a selfless leader. Without any good education, he could become Chief Minister of a state, and was a Kingmaker of India. A simple leader with simple dress, simple food, and simple living. He cared for the public, especially the children. If you happened to visit Tamilnadu, one could see a tree called 'Karuvelam". These trees don't require any water to grow. There are crores of such trees present in Tamilnadu. It is due to Mr. Kamaraj who ordered to sow the seeds by springling it from a Helicopter. He never utters the word 'No' or 'Impossible'. He used to say 'Let us see" (Aagattum Paarkalam ). An excellent statesman. I am yet to see a leader like him. And I am sure, we will not get a leader like him on this earth.

    The only Indian leader whose photograph is held in the Russian parliament.

    No life without Sun

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