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    Do you restrain yourself

    We all restrain ourselves from one or the other thing in our lives. Many of us keep ourselves away from addiction and evil deeds. Life is a journey, and while heading forward, we come across so many new things which we wish to try. We meet so many people who lure us into trying that is forbidden. Some of us whose focus is sharp on the goal ignores everything. However, others cannot continue further without tasting that is banned. Some of us stick to our values while others justify themselves by saying that we are depriving ourselves in the name of restraining.

    How do you all feel about restrain? Is it necessary, or is it unjust to hold back?

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    By the way what for we should restrain our habits. If the restraining the habits is for the change, that is well and good. But if the restraining is for mere fear or something being forced upon, then that would be temporary affair. So many people call it a unjust and unfair and they hold back their habits. Human beings have the bad habit of tasting something which is banned and we cannot control the taste buds. Likewise we cannot control the children who want to enjoy the things which are banned. So the rule to restrain cannot be a permanent to many as it may vary from person to person and situation too.
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    We need not worry to restrain ourselves from evil deeds and bad habits. I never tasted nonveg and I never tried alcohol. Even never I have tried smoking also. In our Organisation, we used to have get-togethers. When only gents are there people used to enjoy drinks also. we were two in the organisations who never tried to drink or nonveg. Many people were forcing us to have them also. But we never succumbed to the pressure. I never regret the same. I always restrain from these issues always. I am not saying that eating nonveg is not good. But I have no interest in eating nonveg.
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    Restraining the bad habits is always desirable and we normally don't go below the boundaries fixed in our family cultures. There are different parameters to be followed in some civililised families. Abstaining from Alcohol, Cigarettes, taking drugs etc are included in bad habits and it is always better on our part to refrain from such activities. The positive effects of such restraint are always there and these can be seen within the family set up. Our own kids are the true followers of the familiy traditions and they hardly go beyond that boundary.
    I won't claim that such restrainings are always followed in all the families. The children living outside the families in some foreign countries may break the barriers and may consume alcohol or non veg foods.

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    I don't think about restraining from anything. I do whatever is felt by me as right. I have the freedom to think and act on my own. I don't like someone interfering in my affairs. In the same way, I don't think about someone and interfere in their affairs. At this age, what is good and what is bad can be understood by me. I don't need a guide or mentor. I like to be a free bird to fly on the open air.
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