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    Homemade- but till what extent

    Due to this COVID19 pandemic, people have become conscious of their diet and hygiene. We all have started taking care of ourselves and are consuming healthy food. It is not like that we didn't care for self earlier but now we are more conscious. No outside food is allowed, no junk food and only homemade. I myself have started cooking various dishes at home (I am neither a good chef nor like cooking). I prepared cookies, cake, sauce, wafers, bread and some other types of snacks at home. I took the help of online recipes available from experts and tried. But this was not the end, now my son has asked for pizza and my elder sister suggested a recipe to prepare it at home. But now I am really tired of this home-made. What is the situation in your kitchen?

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    I also ended up with similar thoughts and is still going on but I always suggested for sunday, so that it does not disturb the other days. This was accepted at initial days, later on, all the days are special days itself.

    I too took help from mothers, young ladies who are very talented to create the videos especially for lockdown purpose with minimum resources. It was really good to taste homemade cakes which were my ever longing recipe without oven. This dream came during this lock down periods.

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    Whatever is possible in the house only we are making and eating. But we are not eating anything from outside. It is more than 4 months we have eaten outside food. Sundays my sons are giving rest to ladies and they are cooking food. Some snacks are made in the house only. Otherwise, we are managing with fruits only. But at any cost outside food is not being considered. In our house, there are three ladies and they are helping each other and managing. But how long it will be like this is not known. But we all should be careful and follow the precautions without any deviation.
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    Long long ago, just six months ago, I was loving hotel food from Bengaluru city. I had been tasting varieties of veg and non-veg dishes. Though my wife is a good chef, I did not want to bother her much. One day - one hotel - one dish was my program for execution. Alas! COVID 19 upset all my plans. For the last six months, I am enjoying only homemade food. And I could save a lot by not going to restaurants and hotels. Now, I have planned to continue with my homemade food, and to save a good amount to help others.
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    Homemade is the trend of the days and even the young generation is coming back to homely meals. Earlier, we all were eating out and so homemade food was good but when it becomes every day, it is hard for working women to cope with it as they need to prepare new recipes every day. Now when we talk about to what extent, the answer would be till the pandemic ends or till you get a better option.
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    Home made food become the order of the day now. At present no one dare to eat anything outside as Covid-19 situation becoming more grim. Firstly I am good at cooking from my young age. During this Covid-19 time I tried some new items and dishes by following YouTube. Usually we think Burfi sweet making is very tough. By seeing through YouTube I made Burfi sweet perfectly. One leafy vegetable, Ponnaganti Kura mixed with Tur Dal is another new dish I made in this leisure time. Using this particular leafy vegetable is the first time in our house.

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    Home and home-made food are always tasty and healthy to us. Thoug one-in- while we feel victim of monotony just after taking hotel food we yearn for home made food.

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    There is no substitute for home made food. Many people were missing it due to reasons of lack of time and laziness to prepare it as people had to rush out for their jobs and did not have time for the cooking. Now things have changed as the present pandemic is forcing us to take food in house only to avoid any threat of infection. Still some people are now supplying tiffin from their house itself and proclaiming that it is as good as home made but once a commercial angle is aded to that it is difficult to accept that proposition but many people who are not able to prepare home made food are taking tiffin from these agencies which are operating from their own houses and delivering to the customer either at the door step or at the gate security.
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    The situation is the same in our kitchen. We are only having homemade food and nothing from outside. Even for my lunch, I am carrying my meals to the office. This lockdown gave my better half a good opportunity to try various kinds of dishes, sweets, snacks, burgers and whatnot. These days she is preparing even, bread and buns at home. We have stopped purchasing them from the bakery. Even she has tried her hands in making biscuits and has been successful. No more do we purchase any sweets from outside. It is all homemade now and a plethora of varieties, especially the Bengali kind, are all made at our home. She was anyway efficient with making sweets, as, before COVID, we used to get orders for sweets from our neighbourhood and friends. But what is cumbersome is the washing and cleaning of the utensils after all such preparations. We are thinking on the lines of purchasing a dishwasher. Any suggestions anyone?
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