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    When appliances and other products entered our homes - a nostalgic trip

    Let's go down memory lane and recall the times when electronic, electrical or other products entered our homes for the first time.

    There was the first black and white television, I think it was Dynora and later Nelco (or maybe the other way around). We had a large radio but not sure if it was Murphy, though I recall having a smaller one of this brand years later. Then there was the mixie (Rico perhaps). And the much loved black landline instrument with the rotary dial (was that of any brand?) which we had for decades and decades. We didn't want to give it away, wanting to keep it as a souvenir, but the telephone company was clear that it would be taken away in exchange for the new push-button instrument.

    Do you recollect the brands, including kitchen appliances, that entered your home aeons ago, for the first time that you had that particular type of product?

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    The first washing powder that entered my home was - Surf. I remember a lady who came to my home asked my mom to bring a bucket of water and demonstrated the use of Surf.
    We were late in procuring the electrical goods for use.
    The first iron box I had was - Usha
    The first table fan I bought was - Orient
    The first ceiling fan I bought was - Usha
    The first transistor I bought was - Philips Valient
    The first black and white TV I bought was - Videocon
    The first refrigerator I bought was - Voltas
    The first washing machine I bought was - Whirlpool white magic
    The first colour TV I bought was - BPL
    The first voltage stabilizer I bought was - VGuard
    The first mixie I bought was - Sumeet
    The first wet grinder I bought was - Lakshimi
    The first micro oven I bought was - LG
    The first sewing machine I bought was - Usha
    The first bicycle I bought was - Hercules
    The first scooter I bought was - Lamby
    The first motorbike I bought was - Yezdi
    The first car I bought was - PAL Padmini.

    Will add more to this after checking my records.

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    Our first transistor brand was Murphy. I have purchased with the amount I got for the first month of research as the fellowship.
    The first tape recorder was Panasonic. I purchased it with the money given to me as a gift by the uncle of my wife.
    The first small black and white TV is of EC brand made by ECIL Hyderabad. This is a portable TV.
    Then we have changed to Clour TV and that is LG, I remember.
    The first mixie is Jyothi make, a local company of Hyderabad. That I received as a gift from the company. That year the company did well and hence the management has given a gift to all the employees. In that, I got that mixie.
    The first refrigerator was Voltas. I purchased with the bonus money I got from the company.
    First Car I used is Maruthi 800. This car is provided by the company. Afterwards, I changed 4 or 5 cars during the service. Those are all provided by the company.
    The first car I purchased is Lodgy of Renault make.

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    It is really incredible to know the brand's names clearly by our member's but I only remember the black and white Onida television and Usha sewing machine, Philips bulbs to illuminate the kitchens was given more preference those days at our home.
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    It would be interesting to remember that nostalgic sequence but I would limit myself to my earliest acquisitions. In 1978, I bought my first cycle it was 'Hero' brand and I felt much proud of it and gave my wife the seat on the carrier while going to the market. She was also thrilled with that ride. After 2 years I got a loan for buying a two wheeler and that time in Northern India 'Vijay Super' was the obvious choice. I was told by my friend that another scooter has come in the market in the name of 'Alwyn Pushpak' and it was better in many respect. So I booked it and after 6-7 months I got it from the dealer. It was great celebration in our house and I offered Laddoo to the visitors who came to see it as it was the first time that 'Alwyn Pushpak' was bought in that locality. Why they came to see it was that 'Vijay Super' had a fixed mudguard while it had a movable mudguard.
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    It's fun to recall those old brands! I think our first refrigerator was Kelvinator and the sewing machine was either Singer or Merritt. My mother lovingly stitched many a lovely piece for us and years later for my nieces as well. The first washing machine we had I think was Godrej, though not sure of that. The first car that my Dad bought was the old Fiat model and then came the Premier Padmini.
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