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    How can minds linger on identical thoughts?

    Thoughts are like waves in an ocean and flashes in just a few seconds, which has to be entangled immediately. Have you ever noticed that someone has robbed your thoughts? I have observed it a few times, that whatever thought was in my mind is already presented by one of our members, my friends in school days and also my relatives.

    In school days, my friends would present the same pros and cons for the topics in a debate. My relatives would come out with the same solutions in discussions. How can minds longer on identical thoughts? How the messages are related? Express your views.

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    I think it is logical thinking which gives some identical solutions. When we discuss a problem among ourselves we will be getting some problem-solving ways by thinking logically about the incident. Many times we hear the same suggestions which we thought about in solving the problem. I also experienced this many times in many meetings. Sometimes when we propose our mind many people who think in similar lines will support and there will be a discussion with others and see that the logic is conveyed to the others and try to convince them.
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    @Dr. Rao
    It was nice to know that logical thinking bonds us all here, to raise threads too on similar thoughts.

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    There is a saying "Wise people think alike"
    During college days when two or more friends get the same ideas, they used to raise their collar saying the above. But immediately other fiends used to add "fools too".
    As Rao said it is the logical way of thinking and analysing rationally that bring out the output too in somewhat similar way. As a contra wean say that those do not think logically also may have similar thoughts.
    One current example is now many countries are in the advanced stage of developing vaccine against Corona virus. Their purpose is same and they apply logical thinking and rational analysis. With same or similar inputs and thinking process people can get similar ideas too.

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    Different people can think same or similar things at the same time and it is a common sight. We all attempt the problem with our knowledge, prudence and skills and the solution derived might have resemblances between the people solving them. Some problems have unique solutions while others have a large number of solutions and options for solving them. Depending on that the solutions might match or not match. What we observe and get surprised by are the matching ones only as we do not care or ponder over the large number of non-matching pairs.
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    It's something really interesting and that's why we are humans. Every individual can think in her/his own way and there is no limit to it. The happenings all around us also affect our thought process and when in a same situation you may find many thinking in the same way. Generally, the thinkings that we find identical are related to finding a solution to a particular problem. As Venkiteswaran Sir has provided one example in his reply @#704275 that is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, others have mentioned about logical thinking. When you are facing a problem you need to think of how to get out of that problem. When others are also facing the same problem they tend to think in the same way and because of that their thinking becomes identical.

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    Information are circulated with the help of technology in a rapid pace. Various trusted sources are followed by a different diverse people all over the world. Thoughts are identical in majority of us. We all think alike except few people. Our perception differs. We mean to same thing but there is always a twist and an indifference. Generally, in school when a speech is being prepared, student's opt to go for common topics. Many other students also has the same thought. This happens because most of us follow the same source.
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