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    Has anyone dreamed a God.

    Many of you may be thinking like I want to meet god after reading the title of this thread. Its true I want to meet not only me everyone wants to meet god. In this thread, I just wanted to know from all of you that have you seen a god in your dreams? If yes what you see and have you shared this with your family? Many of Saint said in their interviews that they see God. Suppose God is in front of you what will you do? If I saw God in real or in a dream I first took blessings for me and for my family by touching their feet. I wish to God bless ISC and for everyone working on ISC everyday.
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    We may be getting dreams and in those dreams, we may be seeing many things which are having no meaning or which are absurd. Sometimes, we see some animals in the dream. For example, we have seen a snake in the dream. Hindus believe is snake is a form of Subramanya Swamy and they say that they have seen Subramanya Swamy. My wife told me that she saw snake in her dreams once or twice. All depends on how we take it.
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    Not a dream but a reality in my life.
    While I was working in Nagercoil, a city in the district of Kanyakumari of Tamilnadu, I heard about a holy women sitting and blessing from the rocks of Kanyakumari. One Sunday, I reached Kanyakumari to see that women. She was an old lady without her top, and had only a towel tied around her waist. She was on the rock, surrounded by many dogs sleeping around her. I could see many people sitting close to her to get her blessings. Someone was trying to feed her with their home-prepared food. I was just watching her. She was busy heating the crabs. She never uttered a word. She never accepted the food.

    I just went and sat on her side. I bent down and said, " Maam, Muje Aashirvad Karo." Yes. She kept her hand on my head and said nothing. I felt blessed. How can a Hindi speaking lady understand the Tamils around her seeking her blessings. Probably, she was a north Indian lady who came on a tour, but left by her touring team. People thought that she was a Goddess landed at Kanyakumari.

    Her name is Maaya. She is no more. There is a small temple for her near the Kanyakumari Bhagavathi temple. It is known as 'Mayaadevi temple"
    I feel blessed by her. I am well off.

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