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    News for men and shopping for women

    When it comes to the favorite pastime that not only gives peace to the mind but also whenever one is free he thinks about that people often think about many things. When someone asks them a question regarding this they think for sometime and then come out with answers like reading books, spending time with family, playing games and many such answers which are not at all absolutely correct although they aren't purely incorrect also, we can call them a bit diplomatic.

    But the fact is that the things which please most the men is news. They may sit for hours in front of television if the news channel is switched on or if they have a newspaper in their hand with a cup of tea especially made with ginger, black pepper and tulsi leaves. They would read each and every article from politics to sports and then ponder upon how situations could change to better. Then keeping aside the newspaper they would search for a person with whom they can discuss all those articles and come up with their thoughts.

    The same situation arises when a women opens a shopping app or spares some time for market shopping. She would scroll each and every dress observing minutely the colors, designs, patterns, stitching and of course the cloth. They would be so indulged in looking at the dresses that sometimes they even miss what others near them are saying. But it really gives them more pleasure than any other work.

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    Nature has created men and women differently. They have some different traits embedded in them. Accordingly their inclinations and priorities are different. It is said that the men are from Mars while women are from Venus. This itself signifies the major differences between the two. Mars is a planet considered rough and tough literally while Venus is thought to be a soft and cool celestial body. These are of course mythological interpretations but they hold good in this case to explain and justify the conspicuous differences between the men and women.
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    Well said Umesh sir, women are considered to be a divine soul filled with delicacy and softness and they are known for their calmness and sweet attitude. Men are the masculine power source filled with strength and are known for the security and protection they provide to other species.
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    Monika Kushwaha

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    I read news and tell my wife the summary and crust of what I read. So she is updated on current matters. Next time when I narrate she will remember the previous chapter of the story or news or ask me some queries for clarification.
    Similarly I accompany her (in fact we always go together for any shopping except now in the Covid situation) for shopping. As I am not good in selecting clothes, I watch and earn many things from her selection. Before going we arrive at a certain parameters like the lower and higher price band etc. But even if I give her full freedom of selection within the agreed parameters, she will ask me to give my concurrence. I use it as a privilege and knowing her mind will agree to the one she will finally select.
    We are thus complementary and supplementary in news and shopping.

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    Men and women have their own choices and preferences when compared to each other. Men want to have the knowledge of what is happening in the country and world and they want to update themselves with news thus pouring in. While the women are more interested to have the detailed shopping and that should satisfy them. I do agree that men would lose the patience if they shop with their counter part and some times I have seen that men would drop their wife and he wound attend his works and come back after few hours to pick up her. Especially in Tamil Nadu during Aadi discount offer sale, the varieties would be more to chose from and one could see the men seated at the rest room watching television and reading news papers while their better half would be shopping for hours together.
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    My wife never does shopping alone and she wants me with her always. I will be there with her and she will see many types and finally she will select 2 or 3. Then she will call me and show me those items and ask me about my final choice. The item selected by me will be finalised by her.
    She is not having much interest in the news. So while I am with my newspaper, she never disturbs me. If any interesting and special news is there, I tell her and she hears interestingly. Thus we both help each other.
    As mentioned by the author many ladies pass their time in shopping either in real shops or in virtual shopping. Many gents will not show that much interest in that.

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    God has created men and women for different purposes so obviously, their psychology would be different. I have noticed most of the women having much interest in shopping whereas, men understand it as a hectic work. In many families, husband and wife go to market together but the husband return alone dropping her wife in the market as he has no patience to stay in the market for 5 hours. Some men are like as they have no idea about shopping. If given chance in emergency to buy something then they do a big mistake. For overcoming this, another person has to waste time and energy.
    On the other hand, in many families only male person read newspaper regularly. Women have no connection with any kind of happenings. So they are getting aware by men about that happenings. So, it is a matter of interest.

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    God and nature have made man and woman something that they differ not only in looks but also in thinking

    There was a time when the thought was made for both that they would do this and if they were a girl, they would not do the same.
    But this does not seem right in today's time
    Yes, I believe that some of the choices are made due to gender diversity, but still in today's time boys and girls both enjoy shopping as much as they are aware of the news. It is a matter of Interest only.

    Swati Sharma

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    I think this difference is slowly fading away between men and women. Today working women are more smart than men. They read the news in their smartphone before their husband picks up the newspaper. The husband also enjoys shopping in the malls.
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    To some extend the topic is right as many men prefer reading or watching the news on TV. I do watch news but only once in the morning and then the 100 news that covers international, national, state and city news. I do not like watching news always and prefer watching a movie. I do visit the online shopping site or app and select some good offers but do not buy or finalise it until it is shown or discussed. While going to market, I do accompany them but bargaining and other things are looked by the ladies of the house i.e. my mom, sisters, wife, niece, etc. They do ask me my opinion, as they say, I do have good colour and style sense but I do not prefer poking my nose in their selection as my concept is, you need to select dress as you are the one going to use or wear but if I am asked for a suggestion or better of the lot, I do give my opinion. Like most men, I too don't like to spend more time shopping and thus do run through the latest trends before going for shopping and ask for it or look for it to save time.
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