Generation Wealth is a documentary that needed to be watched.

The best thing about the documentaries that unlike movies the documentaries don't try to appease the audience with the technicalities of movie elements like sound, cinematography, dialogue delivery, and the temptation to keep the plot almost interesting. Many endless documentaries are being made all round the year but very few could get the attention because they don't have access to the audience through the prevalent media outlets.
Anyways, if you get the time and the platform to see some good documentary and that too when you have seen some and are ready to get unsettled then the Generation Wealth is really a good one. The urge to chase money under the delusion of capitalist flash and in the end to lose every near and dear one you have, in the process is something we all follow spiritually but the documentary takes is some levels up with their multiple subjects in consideration. The 25 years of study and the constant monitoring of subjects times and again with their lives issues being discussed give us this brilliant study to be embraced by humanity.