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    Creativity wipes out dullness

    Life does not go on in the same manner. Sometimes it is sweet and beautiful, at times sad and irritating and even it's boring too. The present pandemic has highlighted that our existence can be mundane also. Meeting people, going out for fun or just for walking, visiting beautiful sites or go for shopping have all come to a stop. Everything has become so trivial. What could be the way out to erase the dullness of life?

    Creativity plays a vital role in getting rid of dullness in life. Every person should possess some creative quality. It helps a person to spend quality time. Interest and knowledge in music, art, dance, sculpture making, designing and many other add variety to a person's life. After working from home or doing household chores, if one can spend some time in nurturing hobby or talent, then spending time would not be difficult at all. It brightens up the monotonous life, which helps the brain to be super active, and gives vigour to one's life. Thus, nurturing some creativity is of extreme benefit, and it helps to get rid of boredom.

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    Excellent thought by the author. Creativity is the essence of all our activities, motivation and vigour in our lives. I have seen the phenomenal changes in the lives of dull and lazy persons when they embraced creativity for the first time in their lives. It makes you to stand up and prepare yourself for the next step. A creative person can never feel bored or undergo depression. This is a fact of life and those who realise it, are the masters of their own lives.
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    Creativity is an uncanny forte as well as knack to single someone out of crowd as the leader for his followers whereby new inventions, discoveries, ideas, dogmas, trends, fashion, art, literary work etc lead him to excellent results.

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    Creativity is a very good trait and many people may have this in one field or other. These days when we see the TV channels even small kids perform excellent stage shows which is a very good example of their creativity. One may have an interest in music and some in writing and some in poetry and some in the drawing. One should select their field of interest and try hard to become good in their selected field. During the lockdown, I was in my native village and leaned many Sanskrit slokas. I started writing some poems in Telugu and I completed almost 110 poems.
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    It is true. The best way to remain active without being bored is to indulge in some creative activities. There are many things to be done other than our profession and one must find some time to indulge in activities that will give them the spark. Being creative is one such spark and it is one of the aspects one can think of during their regular activities. The situation all around is making everybody worried but if you want to divert your mind you need to do things that you enjoy.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Many times our initiatives to wipe out dullness bring out the latent creativity in us. Every one of us is creative in some way. But unfortunately we do not realise it as we do not consciously try to find it. It is only some co-incidents or some sudden necessities, improvisation or quick turns that bring out the hidden creativity in us.
    Nowadays we see a lot of video clips in social media and some become so viral that very soon the person is recognised as having certain talents. The person then may become famous in that field. The creativity came out on an effort in time-pass or wiping out dullness and boredom.

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