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    Bonsai plant: The art of small mimics of large trees

    If you love trees but due to space constraint, you cannot grow trees in your houses still you can fulfil this wish by keeping Bonsai trees. Bonsai technique is to grow the miniature plant that imitates the shape and scale of a large tree. It is Japanese art. These trees are grown in containers and pots and show a full-grown replica of a full-scale tree. Bonsai can be prepared for almost all woody trees and shrubs. Although they are not grown for food and medicines, they have several other benefits like they are the best gifting options. They can be kept inside the homes and offices to enhance the beauty by replacing artificial plants and to purify the air and maintain the air humidity. They also have many health benefits like if placed inside houses and offices bonsai plants are especially useful to reduce sore throat, cough, cold and skin dryness. They are helpful in stress management, anxiety and depression alleviation. And the topmost reasons for keeping in the home are they are easy handling and live for decades. So what are thinking? Bring a bonsai plant of your choice in your home.

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    Bonsai is a great art form and requires precision and technique to maintain it. I have seen some bonsai samples and exhibits in some exhibitions and was much enthralled with their beauty. Some people have a hobby to maintain bonsai plants in their garden and they have to take a lot of care so that they remain in that form.
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    Bonsai plants not only give the aesthetic looks , good for health but also affordable and easily available in private nurseries. Once I had been to the Army Nursery in Cantonment area and the Bonsai nook was at its best with so many Bonsai plants. I was immensely impressed by the way the big plants nurtured into small ones and made to fit compact in the small plant pots and that would look great when we closely watch the Bonsai plants growth. And if these plants are kept in the home the day would be fresh and wonderful with oxygen available to us through out the day. And the rush to buy such dwarfed plants is immense and the plant lovers would make beeline to appreciate and purchase the same. One more thing these plants need not required regular watering and thus we can go for vacation leaving the plants to mend its own ways.
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