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    A thread a day contest- And the winner is.......

    Today is the last day of the contest. Several members have taken part in this challenging contest and I am one of them but I've participated in it for the sake of participation because taking part in contest is more important than winning. However, the more members take part in the contest, the better the results will be; and also the more difficult the contest is, the sweeter it's to succeed.

    I don't know what are the criteria for selecting the winners but definitely the best of the best will be the winners. I can't predict who are going to be successful in this contest, however, a few names are in my mind and after reading their threads I think they are going to win this contest and I assure you I'm not in this race.

    Anyways, best of luck to all the participants for their excellent contribution in this challenging contest.

    A thread a day contest
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    True. After a long 15 days marathon race, we are relaxed today the 16th day. I am sure, it is a testing time for the organizers to choose the best participant among the 23 participants. I do not know what is the yardstick being used to select the winners. Anyway, it is their business, not the participants' business. Whatever may be the result, we should accept and congratulate the winners.

    However, this being ISC's birthday contest, all the participants should be awarded some incentives/consolation prize for their presence for the last 15 days. It need not be a big amount. Even one rupee CC would suffice. Let us wait and see what ISC does for us.

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    Your right. It's good to give some consolation prizes to all contestants. It will encourage them to take part in such future contests more enthusiastically.

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    ISC members can visit their own profile and come to the forum section and go to the my threads section in which all your fifteen days threads are seen with the number of responses in the bracket. Just go through the counts and that will provide the basic idea as to how the ISC would award the best member for getting maximum responses to their threads. Moreover most of the threads have been in the top spots of Google indexing with visits mentioning even in several crores. For example five of my fifteen threads have the reach of several crores and this would also be a way to adjudged the best thread and the best member overall. Nevertheless I could see overwhelming participation of members who came with unique threads and there was great tutorial for me to learn from those great posts.
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    It is a contest related to ISC 13th Birthday. First of all, we have to appreciate and congratulate all those 23 members for posting 15 creative threads in 15 days without missing any day. Creating some special threads on this special occasion is really great. This shows their great attachment, love, and affection towards the site.

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    A good challenge for the 13th birthday of ISC and every participant has tried their best to put-up new thread that is new, innovative, knowledgeable, informative and that could be debated. Out of the 23 participants, only 2 of them missed their last post. We had (21 x15) + (2 x 14) = 343 new post in this 15 days in the site. Every post from the participants was good and holds a chance of winning. We do not know the criteria for selecting the winners but it has made the members good in knowing that it is possible to post new threads if we try. As the challenge is over, many of us may relax but it would be good and try to post a thread a day or atleast few replies to new threads.

    Thank you for providing the way of knowing the response to our threads but I would also like to know how to know about the viewership in google indexing with visits mentioning even in several crores. How can we check the indexing of our post on Google?

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    The winner will be decided by the editors and it's really encouraging to note that a good number of participants were there in this contest. This contest was meant to make ISC's 13th birthday very special and the overwhelming response from the members proved that. Let's not try to predict who is going to win. All the threads were interesting and members replied to them accordingly. There may be less number of replies to some threads but that happens regularly with some of the threads. My thanks to the participants and hope they will continue posting on a regular basis even after the contest.

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    I agree with the author that participation is more important than winning. It is good that this contest had 23 consistent participants and everyone did a marathon job to stay till the end and that shows the real fighting spree of the ISCians. All the best.
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    This is for Varghese Just select your thread and right click the same to be searched on Google index and that would give you the right information of how many people visited your thread. And for example one of your thread has attracted 40,00,000 on Google index and here is the screen shot.
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    The winner, in this case, is ISC. It will appear several times in google search and many of the posts will be reflecting there and hence ISC will get very good publicity. Of course, ISC is already having a very good reputation and it will get doubled with the success of this well designed and thought of contest. Congratulations to the team for bringing out such a beautiful concept.
    Members participated with a lot of enthusiasm and made the contest a success. No expectations I have as many members came out with good threads and the jury should also like our thread to consider for the award. So I never know who will be the winner. We even can't predict also unless otherwise, we know the methodology used for selection. Congratulations to all the participants for their successful completion of the contest. I wish all of them all the best.

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