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    Why government hospitals fail to maintain clean?

    Yesterday there was a heavy down pour in Hyderabad and the famous Osmania Hospital has faced the worst case of negligence when the wards were filled with dirty drain water and remember the hospital is full of patients and they are undergoing treatments. Just imagine the fate of those patients and attendants who have to face the brunt of filth and unbearable stench from the drainage water and the problem further aggravated with rains continuing. Why the government hospitals are not maintained in terms of toilet cleanliness and general maintenance. PM Modi should intervene and take action.

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    It is not new. Whether a government servant works or not, they are paid at the end of the month. In the government hospitals, from the top dean to the bottom sweeper are government recruited servants. There is no strict control over the staff. If one staff is penalized, the whole staff in the hospital would hold a flag and sit on dharna. That is the key cause of the poor maintenance of government hospitals in our country.
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    The cleaning employees salaries increased from 8000 to 18000 but they would not give 100 percent dedication and Gandhi hospital staff were on strike since two days and corona dead bodies were not shifted
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    The Telangana government is sitting in the farmhouse and don't know what is happening in the State. Everywhere we are seeing a failure only. The high court is shouting on them but no use. The government is active and busy in demolishing the secretariat. The condition of Hospitals is very bad. They are not admitting even poor COVID patients. These poor people don't have money to get admitted into corporate hospitals and they are dying as there is no proper treatment is available to them. Everybody thought that KCR is doing an excellent job. But he is interested only in some projects which are beneficial to the people in power. He never bothers about the common people.
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    The situation is the same everywhere. They least bother about the cleanliness and upkeeping of the hospitals. As Sun has rightly mentioned, there is no punishment for those on staff since it's a government job. Whether they work or not nobody bothers and people keep on suffering. In fact, it is applicable to most of the government departments and maybe that's why the government is thinking of reducing its liabilities by making many departments private. When it comes to government departments the attitude of the staffs seems to be like everybody's business is nobody's business. If one charges an employee, she/he will quickly start blaming some other persons involved with the job.

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    Government employees have no fear of losing their jobs. I can't imagine that concerned staff can ever be terminated for serious negligence and indifference attitude concerning their duty.

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    In many of the Govt organisations there is a severe problem of governance and hospitals are no exception. How to increase the sense of responsibility and discipline in the Govt departments has been a matter of discussion for decades and we have yet to get some solution for that. There are some improvements in some pockets but overall situation is very grim.
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    This is an age old question which is haunting us time and again. In spite of fat salaries, facilities, and freedom to work, the Govt offices and departments including hospitals are not in a good shape. Wherever good work is being done it is only because of automation and computerisation and that has led to a big unemployment in the country. So, people who have by the grace of God have got the job in a Govt department are not understanding the basic thing that they should actually perform better than the private because they have a job security and so many facilities which they might not have even dreamt before joining theses coveted positions.
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    So long as the employees are not permanent, they seem to be dedicated to their jobs doing everything to their best. This is applicable to the casual labours deployed in the hospitals or elsewhere but once they are confirmed and become the permanent employees of the hospitals, their attitudes change. This shows that our all sincerities , dedications are not our inbuilt temperament but we employ these qualities to save our skins in the crucial hours. The government employees enjoy hefty perks but at the same time, they are not answerable to their jobs. The only remedy lies in not making the employees permanent and instead they should have sufficient casual work - force with them to manage work.

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    First of all self dedication to the work should come in the minds of any working person. The work should not be done on fear or because of being watched. They should do their allotted work sincerely. Especially in hospitals the cleanliness should be high and the cleaning personnel should think that their known persons are getting treatment in the hospital. Not only the hospital workers but also the visitors, attendants to the patients etc.,also should participate in the cleaning of the hospital by dropping their wastes in the respective boxes and not to spit in the floors and corners etc., I have seen in one hospital a person who accompanied with the patient through the cotton waste on the ground from first floor window. Will he do like this in private hospital?

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    I think the main driving force in any organization is remuneration, job security and discipline. In Government hospitals the job security is more hence not only medical staff but any government staff seems to be very casual about the responsibilities. In private hospitals if the cleaning and other duties are not performed well, the employee may have to loose the job. This is not the case with government hospitals. I think this is the main reason behind failure to maintain cleanliness and even mismanagement in various other aspects.
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