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    If ISC goes off then how you will react.

    ISC has become an integral part of our daily life. Some of us start their day by visiting ISC and some of us don't forget visiting their favourite site before they go to bed.

    I was assuming only if it's conjectured that ISC goes off, then what will be your reaction and how you will surmount this difficulty to adjust yourself sans ISC.

    This situation, literally, has been deja vu for me concerning other websites which are the part of history now.
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    There are few sites like ISC and if it goes off like that then for us it will be a sad affair because -
    1. We contribute here and in the process learn a lot. Contributions below a particular level are asked to be revised and corrected. It is a continuous process and is the backbone of our learning.
    2. Contests are our life line. Some members only participate in them. They would be unhappy.
    3. ISC is punctual and prompt in payments to it's contributing members. Payments are not big but they are real. In many sites they lure us about it but we do not get anything. In some sites they charge the contributing members $5 every month before he or she earns from his contributions.
    4. There is immense knowledge embedded in the ISC pages. One can refer to it for any use. I have found some unique things through the search function.
    5. It is a closed community, we would miss it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If ISC is down then I would be busy with Twitter and Times of India comments. But to the knowledge of our members this site was out of service from one and half hour from 3.30 to 5 pm and I have contacted our member Dr Rao whether there is problem with my internet or the real black out and he confirmed that the site was down. Meanwhile I contributed in Twitter on various issues. As per me ISC cannot be taken out as it has grown leap and bounds and within 15 days the forum has raised its importance and the internet is full of ISC contents on many subjects and that gives great satisfaction.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today the site was down for about an hour or even more. I just thinking of phoning to Mohan. Meanwhile, I received a call from him and then we two confirmed that there is a problem with the site. Just now I opened and it is working. This 2 hours I was playing with my granddaughters.
    When there is a problem for 1 or 2 hours we are feeling so uneasy, if it goes off we may worry initially for some days. Then we may get accustomed to some other work or some other site. That way we can get adjusted to the situation. Even a close person dies also we will be out of the mood for sometimes after that we will slowly adjust ourselves to the situation. Facts are to be accepted and digested.
    We will go and work on other sites. Quora is one site where you can spend some good time. We may search for new sites also on the net and we may go for a good site which we may like.

    always confident

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    When ISC goes off; due to any technical reason; I take a screenshot of the error either on a smartphone or on the computer and send to Tony Sir personally by Whatsapp or send a text message immediately to take necessary action to solve the problem.

    Because ISC is a part of our life.

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    Nothing will happen. Things will go as usual. We may feel the absence for a while and then return to normal. Afterall, ISC is a virtual web site. Unlike many other sites in the web world, ISC has a special place in our hearts. As Mr. Rao said, when we lose some of our near and dears, we worry for a while and then forget them forever. The same is the case with ISC. If ISC is not there, we will feel her absence and recover.
    No life without Sun

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    It is true that due to depressive market conditions many sites are either closed or keeping a low profile. Business is down everywhere. ISC being an educational site is surviving due to its strong educational base and information available here. A large number of students are visiting here to find some relevant information related to their career and some of them post queries also. As education is a continuing process I have reasons to believe that the traffic to this site would be maintained. It is clear that it is not a fun and frolic site but deals with important aspects for the benifit of its visitors.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As we are habituated to ISC and as we have some gain from ISC we are bound to answer as if we cannot live without ISC. But let me give a realistic response.

    Humans are best to use their ingenuity and adapt to or adopt new situations. If we look back we would have lost many thing which we clearly know are nor recoverable at all. These would have been dear to us once and we would have imagined a situation without them. But we are still here. Slowly we would have forgotten them or at least do not remember them every moment or every day or even every week.

    So in the event of ( just imagining for argument sake ) ISC going off the web world, then also we would continue by looking for alternatives and finding one similar or different which may suit our needs at that time. As every crisis gives new opportunity also there will be someone like Tony who woul stat a web site of his own and may invite all the erstwhile members to join that site.

    Let me quote Malayalam poet G Shankara Kurup (the first recipient of Jnaanapeetam Award):
    "Ambaramadhyam thilakkunnoraaditya bimbavum kettupomenkilaatte
    Akkariyoothippidippichu mattoru theekkattayundaakkum sargashakti"
    (Even if the brining Sun in the mid sky goes off, human ingenuity will create a new Sun by blowing on the dying embers). Sargashakti = human ingenuity

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    I have a strong feeling and reasons to believe that if all the members collectively work towards the common objective of ISC, that is to become an outstanding educational portal, then ISC would remain a winner in the crowded internet arena and we all would be happily contributing here for good. I am an optimistic person and also can work hard in the desired direction to sustain that optimism.
    Knowledge is power.

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