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    Does the competitive spirit egg you on?

    A few sportspersons will break the record for the event even during some trials or domestic-level games. It is on the bigger arena, though, when there are national or international level competitors that you will see some kind of extraordinary surge that drives them to not only beat their rivals to the finish line but also make some world record perhaps. Is it that the highly charged competitive arena is what brings out the innate competitive spirit from within and sends the adrenaline pumping, with the urge to perform beyond than the usual?

    Coming down to our own 'domestic' level event, namely, our recent forum challenge contest, was it that competitive spirit which urged you on? Perhaps you told yourself, 'Others are doing it, I can also do so and perform better'! There have been threads about the challenge contest in which participants have given their input, but in this thread I want to focus only on whether it was the competitive arena of many participants and the inner competitive spirit that sparked you, excited you and challenged you out of your comfort zone.

    Also, if you've ever worked on a project, whether an individual one or in a team, the urge to do better than others (competing) must have pushed you to do not just your best, but likely even beyond your best.

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    Good to see Vandana running the race ahead with her 16th lap today. Are you expecting others too to follow and chase you today?
    Yes. the spirit of participation was such that it did not allow us to drop or retire. The josh was full to pull and finish the race. I have done my best without resting for a day. I posted 30 threads in 15 days. And all my fellow ISCians too had the same spirit and completed the 15 days race without a miss.
    Posting a thread a day was not a problem at all. But responding to the threads was a problem.

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    When you are a participant in any competition the competitive spirit must be there inside you which will help you to move on. This applies to every competition. It happened in this case too. I never thought that when others can do it why can't I. I took it as a challenge that anyhow I have to post a thread regularly for the next fifteen days. The meaning of competition also varies from person to person. It may be doing things in a better way than the others. But for that, you need to know what others are doing and then decide your course of action. Now for things, where you cannot guess what others are doing you cannot think of doing that better than others. In that case, it's always a good idea to give your best at that moment. Whatever may be the case, the essence of competitiveness has to be there to participate.

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    From my part I enjoyed the contest to the hilt as I take pride in creating the thread and even I had requested to another post that this passion should not stop and each one post one thread daily to keep this forum going. By joining the competition it also proves that how the members raised varied threads, and there is no single thread which can be claimed as the duplicate or same subject. So this proves that ISC should organize such thread a day challenge every month for at least five days and that would pep up the activities for future. And many members gone one lap further to prove.
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    This is for the first time in the last 4 or 5 years I am seeing forum section very active and many people are coming out with beautiful posts and showing their talent. Now the members might have got accustomed to visiting the Forum section at least once a day. If that continues that habit we will see a different forum section and we will get good knowledge on various issues. Let us hope that everybody will continue the good spirit. Really I was overwhelmed with the posts and I hope the same will continue for some more time.
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    I think there are two ingredients that make such things happen. First is the challenge that we often accept and then see that it has to be somehow mitigated. Second is the competition where the peers are equally or may be better off and one has to compete with them. These are the situations where even the lazy rabbit gets motivated and starts sprinting like a marathon runner.
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    I am already contributing beyond the thread a day challenge contest and I have posted 17 threads so far including today's post. I would like to complete 31 threads this month.
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    I missed a few days contest and was not able to post on the final day due to some personal activities. I hope to continue my journey in forum section.
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