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    Did anyone of you purchase an oximeter

    In these COVID days, one equipment that is finding popularity with many is the oximeter. A useful medical device, it alerts you about your oxygen level and the pulse rate. The alert is very useful, in case your oxygen level in the blood happens to fall down at a very rapid rate. 100 being the normal value for a healthy human being, anything above 95 is good. If the reading falls below 90, then the person should seek immediate medical attention. All the better, if you have an oxygen cylinder at home. Oxygen can be given at home itself. Anyway, the oximeter is a handy digital device that can be plugged very easily on your fingers. It takes just 30 seconds to display the reading. The prices are also reasonable, starting from around Rs 1200 for the cheapest models to around Rs 3000 for the costlier ones. The gadgets are easily available at medical stores as well as through online channels.

    However, I am yet to order one. How about you all? Did anyone of you order yet?
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    No. I have not purchased the same. I never thought of it. But after seeing this post I am thinking about that metre. Anyhow, let us all hope that we will not require that and take all the precautions to keep the problem at a distance.
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    The author is right to have this meter to ascertain the oxygen level of the body and any reading below 90 indicates low level of oxygen. However, I am of opinion that excess reliance on different such meters would escalate our tension. We do have different meters being used in our home such as Glucometer, Blood pressure machine, Weighing scales etc. These readings if taken regularly make us tensed due to detection of some abnormality at times. Adding oxymeter to know the oxygen level is though a good idea, but it may induce tension. Maintain the healthy parameters of life and avoid the unnecessary strain so as to lead a happy life.

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    I also think that "Are these different digital meters such as Glucometer, Blood pressure machine etc. reliable. I also bought two blood pressure meter of Dr Morepan brand together. When I checked my BP every time it gave me a wrong reading (Very high reading) and when i checked my BP at clinic it was Ok and same time I had that BP meter with me. It was still giving wrong reading. That's why I don't rely on these digital meters. However, if they are accurate then definitely they will be very useful.

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    Believe me or not, the medical community has become money rich due to Corona. They started selling such Oximeters and are making a lot of money. I already have a Glucometer and BP meter. As pointed out by Deepali, they are not accurate. They give different readings within a minute gap. I don't think there is a need to buy an Oximeter now. It cost more than Rs. 500/- Many ads are there on Oximeters. We can feel our oxygen level. No meter is required.
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    I have not purchased it so far but seeing the deterioration in the condition around it makes sense to purchase it. Oximeter is a medical utility gadget and quickly gives the amount of oxygen in the body of a particular person. It is easy to use and requires low maintenance.
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    Wow, most of you already have equipment such as a glucometer, blood pressure machine and whatnot. We do not have any of these gadgets at home. But seems, an oximeter could be a good buy considering that you can be aware of the oxygen levels. Many of our friends in the neighbourhood have already gone for one, and we are likely to go for one very soon. But no plans for oxygen cylinder though.
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    Yes, I had bought it just two days before. I was suffering with short breath, but no symptoms of cold and fever. When I requested for Doctor appointment, they neglected to see even as out patient, but made virtual consultation. In order to give enough details to make proper analysis. I bought oxymeter. It shown the results which is considered normal.

    So, these days when doctor consultations are happening online, it is better to have oxymeter at home. I would suggest to have BP machine also to be at home for people having blood pressure problem and heart related problems.

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    I have not purchased the new popular "Oximeter" because i believe in the yogic way of checking your oxygen level and lungs capacity. In yogic terms if you can hold your breath for 30 to 45 seconds then your lungs working capacity and your oxygen level is perfectly fine. I am a certified yoga teacher, hence rather than using any oximeter, I will prefer to do "Kumbhak" pranayam.
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    We have the thermal meter and also the blood sugar apparatus at the office and home and does not have the oximeter as suggested by the author.
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    I do not think it really necessary to purchase oximeters just because every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing so. I also do not approve of needlessly buying an oxygen cylinder when it may be an important requirement for somebody who really needs it. We have only kept a thermometer at home for many years, and even then don't rely wholly on it, preferring to visit the GP to confirm whether or not flu has set in.

    Sheo Shankar Jha made a valid point - the more devices we keep for monitoring our health, the more self-induced tension we get!!

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    I heard a very enlightening talk by a doctor who answered many FAQ s about Covid-19. There he specifically told not to rush and buy a pulse oximeter, though he explained about it. He said that if we have one, then we will go on checking every now and then and that will only add to our negative thoughts. So he explained about the probabilities and asked everyone to take the maximum precaution already highlighted like hand washing, or sanitizing, Mask and social distancing. He also explained the importance of contact or interaction time at various places and asked to make it as short as possible at every level.
    He was of the opinion that those who had the symptoms and who are identified as positive for Covid need to test with pulse oximeter.
    I also feel convinced that we should take all prudent precaution and take immunity helping foods (supplements if needed) and keep other health problems under proper check and control. Then we should keep a positive frame of mind.

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    Encouraged by the healthy discussion here, where many of you have wisely suggested not to hurry with the purchase of an oximeter, I too have shelved my plans to buy one. Wonder, how this device called oximeter has started ruling our lives. Two months back didn't even know such a device called oximeter existed in our galaxy of things. Really, life has so many surprises in store at every turn.

    @ Deepti Shriram, nice to know that you are a certified yoga teacher. Thanks for suggesting the Kumbhak Pranayam. Was not aware of it. Is it okay, if we do it?

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    I am not planning to buy this just because it is a trend. I have seen my relatives paniking every other day because of a slight change in the readings. My mother has bought a Blood Pressure meter to check her BP at home some time ago and I believe that it has increased her problem. Many times, the gadget gives a false reading and it is risky in both the cases- false high BP or false low BP, every time she needs to consult a doctor.

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    Yes Padmini, it is better not to rely on these devices. After all, they are all electronic gadgets and are thus bound to show erratic readings once in a while or perhaps more often. Thankfully, we do not have any of these.
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