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    Role on Genes in us and the next generation.

    Genes are found in our chromosomes found inside cells and is made of DNA. It is estimated by the Human Genome Project that every human has two copies of each gene i.e. one from each parent and have between 20,000 and 25,000 genes. Genes plays a big role in determining physical traits like our looks, talk, style, walk, action, colour, hair, height, body, etc. The genes carry vital details of how and what we look like and it is passed from generation to generation. We all refer to genes in our talks like, Its in my/our/their genes. When a baby is born, we have heard our elders saying, his/her eye is same like me, or like our mother, etc.
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    As per the present status of genetic science, it is believed that the dispositions of genes in the human cells is the governing factor in determining the various traits and characteristics of a person. These genes will determine what would be his or her skin colour, height, colour of eyes, body built up, hereditary diseases, basic mental set up, facial similarities with family members, expressions etc. Based on the survival instincts and adoptive mechanisms, these genes also undergo changes influenced by the local geographical factors and food habits and other biological reasons. This change in the gene patterns lead to subtle changes in the human races which eventually on a long term basis give rise to an entirely new tribe having characteristics from many sources. Then another thing which effects is marrying between far off tribes. If a German girl marries an Indian boy the gene disposition in the offsprings would be another set which would have altogether a different pattern and it would be a beginning to a newer form of course having some characteristics from both the sources. It would be a new combination. A new cocktail is always different from all the earlier ones.
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    Keeping apart the science intervention to this post I would like to throw some important observations of human beings. In Tamil we call is Jada and this is concerned to the facial and bodily looks of the children either from paternal or maternal side. And there is one more thing called Amsam, which is nothing but the characters, style and even talking modulations are transferred as the legacy of the elders and thus we say that the boy is talking like his grand father, or the girl is behaving like the grand mother. And this is nothing but transfer of genes from the paternal and maternal side.
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