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    Let us all hope for the better.

    15 days were passed and the competition is over. All these days we enjoyed a vibrant thread section and stayed for a long time here.During these when I go out of ISC. I used start looking into COVID news. All my happiness was also getting vanished.I was feeling very saad.
    But from today we may not see that much rush on this section. I wish in the same way the number of COVID cases also should come down and we all should be happy. I pray God to fulfil my wish.
    Good event has come to an end. Feeling very sorry. Virus is not getting cooled down. Felling sorry. I hope members will continue their activity further . So that we can forget about COVID and conitine to be in a happy mood.

    My thread on 16th of the competition.
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    We can only hope and from that gain some energy. We always hope for the best and nobody wants this pandemic to continue. We get all the depressing news of the situation whenever we watch the news channels and if we can divert our attention to something else, I think that would be better. A good way is to contribute here on a regular basis and I hope members will do that without feeling any kind of pressure.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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