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    What would you do if the memory becomes full?

    The technology behind the storage devices are changing rapidly. Long ago, punch cards were used, then came magnetic memory, laser disc, etc and now we all are using Micro SD cards. The capacity of the storage devices also increased drastically and it seems, the more you get the better. Now there is cloud storage available so, instead of investing on larger memories you can easily use it according to your suitability. We need such storage devices of larger capacity because the amount of data we need to process on a regular basis has increased manifold. Whatever storage device you use, you must keep a backup of all your important data because at times data may be lost from such devices for various reasons. Now I am going to tell you about a storage device whose capacity is huge. You can store whatever you feel like. It's so huge that till now the capacity cannot be measured. It works with automatic storing and deleting technology. Now what I wonder is if it becomes full and the auto delete function stops what is going to happen? How to choose what to delete and how to do that?

    Till now, if you are unable to understand which memory I am talking about let me clarify. I am talking about this huge and brilliant human memory which functions in a synchronous way without any outside intervention.
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    The human brain only created these hard discs and computers. The human beings are uploading some of their memories in the form of some videos or audios or notes in these hard discs and external discs. Once they do that they are deleting that from their brain so that they can get more space in their brain for further storage. They will make an index and keep it also on the computer to know which devise contain what information.
    The human brain is having a special skill that they can store as much as they can and it is not like man-made hard discs or external discs. So general there may not be any requirement but we have to be ready for storing them on external discs also.

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    There is no better computer than a human-computer. I agree that it has a good memory. But it cannot function like the man-made memory card from which we can transfer information, images, documents, as it is, The brain has a vast storage area that can never be filled. The area keep expanding until death. At times, the memory goes corrupt due to aging.
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    The main difference between human memory and computer memory is that the human memory has no upper limit of size. Even if it is there, scientifically it has not been found or proved. It is like the endless universe or like the endless time. It is a biological memory and can stretch to any extent. It is not the physical stretch but is a complex mental stretch through chemicals and live material. A puzzle still to unravel. So I do not think that it would fill up fully. I have read some material on this aspect and it is said that we are using only a small fraction of our mind and memory and rest is all unused or lying there to be used.
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    Somewhere I read in the books that the human memory what we use and store is just 5 percent of our capacity and 15 percent for those who proved to be great scientists. In that case there is roughly 85 percent to 95 percent spare storage to use and store. And unlike the gadgets, there is no chance of human memory to go obsolete or non functional unless and until one gets the Parkinson disease. And by the time we start using the full capacity which is not possible at all, we would be reaching the age of elder status and then the memory started diminishing and more spare is added to our brain.
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    Our human brain is having the utmost capacity and that is the reason we are having Nobel prize winners and scientists in our country. Human brains can store any amount of memory, but when we age day by day the capacity of remembering will be decreased and some people will have Alzheimer's disease or Parkinsons disease at their old age times. Computer memories are fully programmed and it can perform only according to the instruction given by the computer. When computer memories get full, we tend to store in the form of CD Drives, Pen Drives and External Hard Disk. Our technology has also advanced but it has not come up to par with the human brain, because there are limits of programming with the computers and human beings do not need any program to perform the desired function.
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