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    Plasma Banks are more important than Blood Banks in Corona pandemic

    Recently Delhi Government has opened its second Plasma Bank in Lok Nayak Hospital. The first Plasma Bank in India also happen to be launched in Delhi by CM Arvind Kejriwal in the ILBS Hospital. CM Arvind Kejriwal has proved to be very thoughtful and action oriented to make plasma therapy more readily available in Delhi with this plasma bank launch.

    The plasma bank concept is very similar to Blood Bank, but with an additional benefit of antibodies for a disease. Plasma bank gets plasma collected from the persons who are recovered from the COVID-19 illness. The recovered people have antibodies generated in their blood which can save the patients treated with this blood plasma.

    I really appreciate the thoughtful action of Government of Delhi. Do you?

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    I do not think that plasma banks are important at this juncture for many reasons. First of all the WHO has declared now that this is not a pandemic and just a bacterial virus and there need not be quarantine rules be followed. Secondly the vaccine for virus is already at the threshold of the achievement by India and it would be released on the Independence day. Thirdly many people are reluctant to part with their plasma samples fearing their own security of the life. Though I appreciate the first plasma bank by the Delhi govt, the patients are also reluctant to go for plasma therapy.
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    I think criticizing Plasma Bank for the expectation of vaccine launch after a month is not wise. I believe that "A bird in hand is better than a bird in bush".

    It is true that everyone is eagerly waiting for the vaccine on Corona. But on the other hand hundreds of people are getting plasma therapy treatment and tackling the disease successfully.

    About fear of donating plasma, I would say, there are still major percentage of healthy people who have NEVER donated blood. So the fear for donating plasma is not at all new irrespective of current virus spread.

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    Plasma donors may be coming forward out of their ordeal and experience gone through the virus and winning treatment but the recipient patients are reluctant to take the unknown donors plasma.
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    Plasma is to be extracted from the blood only. So blood from people will be collected and stored and as and when the requirement comes plasma will be separated and injected. So people who are ready to give blood can also come forward as for them it is donating blood only. But the important point here is the antibodies. So the plasma should be from people who recovered from the corona that too who recovered 14 days before. But it is very difficult to get. One of my distinct relatives is getting treated in a private hospital for corona. He is responding positively for the treatment and improving. Their family members are trying for plasma from last two days and they are not able to get. So it is a wise idea to maintain those banks. I heard that in Hyderabad also there are some Plasma banks but no samples are available useful for the treatment of Coronavirus.
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    Opening of plasma banks is a good intiatives taken up by the Gonvernment. In don't find any specific reason as to why there plasma banks are getting favoured over blood banks due to Corona Virus pandemic. Indeed, plasma banks are required in this grievous situation. But, at the same time, blood banks are also needed. Other banks are also required. We don't know when and how these banks will be helpful to the people residing all over the world.
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    Everyone is making use of this Coronavirus opportunity to improve their business. Among them, the plasma bank is also one. It is not proved yet. I don't think that this plasma therapy is being used now to treat any COVID patients. It is only a start. it may not go well in the future. Soon, it will see its closure.
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    So long as the effective means are not available to tackle this pandemic, plasma therapy should be encouraged. We have seen the positive results of this therapy in the past. Though Mr Kejriwal has been seen campaigning in favour of this therapy, the response appear to be lacklustre at the present moment. The common public needs to be educated in this direction so that they can relinquish their fearness towards to the blood donation. Only the vigorous campaign is the solution so as to enhance donors.

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    It is a good initiative but getting the plasma blood is not an easy task. Even though they are encouraged by some financial facility, it is difficult to provoke until the person understands that it will not affect his own health.

    There is information that the plasma should be collected from the recovered patients between 14 days to 28 days.

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