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    How would you react to different versions of your name?

    All of us are known to different people by different versions of our name. Our near and dear ones would call us by a nickname with love and affection, and the same would continue till we become adults, or rather till we become a memory. We would be called along with a salutation at professional places or just by our first name at college and school. Perhaps we could say that a name could evoke a particular version of ourselves. Sometimes when we meet someone, we carry a few character traits of that person with us and when they call us, those memories flash past our eyes and remind us of how we used to be with them. In the end, we are all not one, but a spectrum of traits, emotions, habits, and thoughts which we associate with our name.

    How about you and what is your take on this?
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    I have a beautiful name. In fact, if I write my name in full with my designation, it would be 108 according to numerology. . If I shorten it without my designation, it would be 81 according to numerology. If I shorten it further, it would form eight alphabets which would mean beautiful. I have further shortened to three alphabets which is bright on this universe.

    I am thankful to my parents for creating such an excellent name for me

    No life without Sun

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    Every one of us has the nick name during the childhood and that is used by those who are very close to us and relatives. For example I was called as moga by many and even my friends would call me by this name when they meet me sometimes. Likewise I have a boy who was born in our building and now studied Intermediate and we still call him by nick name and he responds. But we also have the nick names for the teachers and other students in the school and college and that legacy is carried on even today. Nick names are funny and only the person knows that he is being called and responds rightly.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Basically name is for our identification but there is more to it if we examine it in details. I would say that name is a summary of the characteristic traits and behaviour of a person. For example if we tell someone that yesterday I had met Mr Sharma and had a talk with him and he told like this and that then the person would ask us which Sharma we are talking about because we have three Sharmas' in our network. The person has raised that question because each of the Sharmas' has a distinct pattern in our mind and we have already a summary of their over all personality sitting in our memory and in most of the cases we can foresee their behaviour and points before they tell us that. So name has many things associated with it and we get a sketch of that person and his activities as soon as we hear his or her name.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is really interesting to note that we have different names to be addressed in different situation and in spite of having a long name we remain 'Chhotu' throughout our lives in the home. In workplaces we are known by the graceful version of our name say Mr Umesh Chandra. Then in online we take some other avatar which interestingly sometimes becomes an image only. It is strange to see these variations as the personality behind all these is one only. After reading this thread I was just thinking as how many different avatars I have in the online including my normal name and found that I have about 6-7 identities and I sometimes feel that the real 'I' is lost in that jumble.
    Knowledge is power.

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    As told by Mohan sir, in south we have been called in house with one name and officially with another name. The certificates and documents are in official name only. My house name is Mohan. In our house my house was in upstairs and my cousin (maternal uncle's son) lived in the ground floor. One day post man came with money order in my name. As my cousin knows many people in our area, he saw the post man and chat for a minute and on knowing a money order came for me, he called me, 'Mohan! come down'. I came down but the post man refused to give the money order to me as my cousin called me in different name. Then my cousin told him that my house name is Mohan and official name is Ramachandran. With half mind the post man gave the money to me. But I called my wife to bring my aadhaar card and showed to him for full satisfaction.

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    Even though we have the only name, different people will address us differently. My relatives call me as Srinivas. My friends call me as Srinivasu. My mother calls me Sinubabu. During my education, everybody used to call me Srinivas only. In high school, some teachers used to call me with my surname.
    When I joined my job people started calling Dr Rao. Almost all my colleagues used to call me as Dr Rao only. Almost I used to get addressed as Dr Rao only in all my official circle.
    I like to be called as Srinivas. But the problem is there are many people by this name and this is a very common name.

    always confident

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    I am very blessed to be named "Deepti", as my parents thoughtfully meant that I will bring a spread of bright light in their life. Some of my close relatives and friends call me "Deepu" with love and affection. I feel very comfortable when someone calls me "Deepu".

    In Maharashtra, there is a odd ritual of changing brides first name. My name was changed to "Namita". But I did not liked it. Also, after the name change, my life and luck factor was changed drastically after marriage. Hence, after numerology study, I again started to use my Maiden name "Deepti".

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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