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    Why the government projects are not quality assured?

    The way the newly constructed bridge in Bihar has collapsed within one month of its construction and the part of bridge washed away due to flood fury. While closely watching the images and videos shown in social media and news, it is quite clear that 95 percent of the bridge was filled with mud and not the gravel mixed with cement. Therefore the impact of the flood has just washed the bridge away with ease and 260 crore public money thus wasted. Why there is no quality assurance tested and passed before opening any such major infrastructures ?

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    Kickbacks and corruption. If you see the quotations given by the same contractor to a government department and a private organisation, you will get astonished. The rate quoted to the government will be definitely 4 times higher than that of the private organisation. When you compare the quality of both the works the work did for a private company will be better than that of the government. The reason is corruption. Ministers. officers, supervisors, and then inspectors. Once the inspector is also involved in this where is the question of quality. The contractor says a minimum 70% of the cost will go in the distribution of money at various levels. This percentage I am indicating is in civil works where the rate can be escalated as much as possible. But in other fields percentage escalations can't be that much. But as long as corruption is there, we can't expect quality in works.
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    Corruption is the main reason for the quality reduction in government schemes.
    We keep seeing examples of how government money is being misused in the wake of black money,

    In India, where the problem of corruption is associated with institutional flaws, it is also the result of our perverted mindset. Both these reasons have intensified the problem of corruption in India. As a result, today's India seems to be caught in such a team of corruption, where it is not safe but difficult to get back.

    Today, India has become the second most corrupt country in South Asia and it is also included in the list of world-class corrupt countries in the leading countries.

    The second biggest reason for corruption is the institutional flaws of anti-corruption institutions, which have either been weakened or not tried to remove their flaws due to deliberately distorted mentality.

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    Poor governance and lack of punishment to corrupt official has created a big problem in containing or eradicating corruption. In a country when a large number of corrupt officials are there then it becomes difficult even for the top leadership to correct it as the support for the reforms would be lukewarm and would not be successful. There is a need for radical changes but the thing is who would bell the cat?
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    You have rightly mentioned that a bridge in Bihar collapsed just after the inauguration. There is another news coming in from Uttar Pradesh wherein the approach road to a bridge gave in just after the inauguration of the bridge.

    The reason behind these mishaps is the mentality of becoming rich overnight. Be it the Contractor, engineer, dealing clerk, signing authority, minister, survey officer, etc rather each and everyone who is involved in this chain of making a bridge to come into existence from nowhere.

    We the people are responsible for these incidents with the attitude that it has happened with someone but we are safe. We don't want to stand with the people who are in distress when someone of their family is killed in such a mishap.

    I would suggest that if any such incident happens the people involved in it the contractor, engineer, quality control department people should be punished instantly.

    There are India companies making roads and bridges in other countries but there no such incident happens is only because the law is strong and takes actions instantly.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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