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    Is being realistic such a big crime?

    Talk to them something about Corona, and they pounce on you. Talk about rising unemployment, and they pounce on you. Talk about the rapid erosion of the rupee, and you may even be branded as "anti-national".

    These guys are supposed to be "progressive" and "optimistic". That is, not talking about anything that concerns us. Not even discussing what can be done to increase employment. Since they are totally sold on the strategies faollowed by some political dispensation, they would tend to not even discuss anything.

    The precise problem is: how do we go about doing something concrete, unless we are realistic on something? How can we correct any situation or even attempt to do something, if we are not guided by the hard facts, given by the same official machinery? We are not talking about any big bang reforms. We are worried about something that bothers us so much. We need to discuss in the social media, we need solutions. We cannot just relax and allow things to take its own course.

    We need to praise any good work done. By the same token, we also need to focus on how things can be done, in a given situation. It is ridiculous to imagine that any problem can be soleved just like that.
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    We need to praise good work done by the government and we have to be impartial in judging the government. If really India is in the hands of good rulers we might have been in a different position altogether. Unfortunately, it was not the case. So many problems cropped up and we are all in difficulties. Unemployment and poverty. In addition to that bad neighbours. Added to that from the last 6 months Corona. All put together the situation appears bad now. If the things are not being handled properly somebody can come out say the better ways and convince the government and see that they will implement those issues. But in our country, it is a practice to criticise but never come out with a better solution.
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    It is not a crime but thinking realistically and following an unrealistic approach to execute the job can be regarded as a crime. Every government has a responsibility towards its citizens and that responsibility is huge. Discussing any particular problem on social media will not solve it in any way. Rather than widespread discussion, we must find ways to get the attention of the concerned person/department so that the issue can be resolved. There are a lot of platforms nowadays where you may raise your voice against a particular issue. Actions are taken on those issues but the problem with us is we remain so emotional with the problems that we think of only repenting or criticizing rather than finding a realistic solution. It's important to discuss the problems and even more important to find a solution and let it known to others.

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    Many people in our country have a realistic thinking. There is nothing wrong in thinking in those terms. The problem is implementation. When it come to implementation people shirk from their responsibilities as well as want to find out as what is there in it for them. So, making realistic policies is one thing but following them to the logical conclusion is a herculean task. We are seeing it and feeling it.
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