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    Us, people and Show off

    I was in a marriage function. Being too cold almost all the men were wearing warm clothes but most of the women had no warm clothes on their bodies to keep themselves warm. One of my cousin sister passed by me. She was literally shivering of cold. I asked her why she wasn't wearing warm clothes, her reply was quite practical. She said that she'd bought the new expensive clothes only for that function what was the point if people wouldn't see them.

    This is a quite common thinking of girls to be ostentatious of their clothes as well as good lookingness to all and sundry.

    However, I've seen many men who also like to show their vainglory off.

    Does any show off have any logic ?
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    Comfort is more important for me than show off. This gives us happiness and we can concentrate on the work we are doing. But the majority of ladies will give importance to the appearance. Many ladies change their dress at least 2 to 3 times ina marriage function. One for dinner, one for watching the function and another to change half of the ceremony. But many gents will manage the whole day with only one dress. Another issue is ornaments. Every female wanted to show all the ornaments they have during the function and I know many incidents where the valuable ornaments were lost in such functions.
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