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    Myths about scattered parts of dead bodies

    Mythology is one of my favorite things to study. One of the tropes in all mythologies is curious to me. It is the trope of scattered parts of dead bodies.
    1. In Hinduism, we have Sati, who's corpse parts were divided and buried in different places. But there are so many other stories as well.
    2. In Nordic mythology, gods of Germany and Scandinavia, an ice giant called Ymir is killed and world is forged with his body.
    3. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is killed by his brother, and his body parts get scattered across Egypt.
    4. In Zoroastrian mythology, a primordial bull is killed by Angra Mainyu. All life came from this bull.
    5. Ouranos/Uranus from Greek mythology, though was not killed, was mutiliated by his son.
    6. Pan Gu, from Chinese mythology, is responsible for building the world with his dead body parts.
    7. In Inuit mythology, you have Sedna, who's dismembered remains became fishes.
    8. Tiamat from Sumerian mythology, is dismembered to create Mesopotamia.
    9. Cipactli from Aztec mythology is a crocodile, who's body parts are dismembered to make land and humans.

    The myth of "dismembering a prominent god's corpse" is second only to the Great flood myth that keeps appearing in literally every mythology. Unfortunately we cannot get mythological information from San Bushmen, who are some of the earliest human races. If we could somehow recognise the pattern all the way back then, we might just be able to reconstruct how the first ever cultures developed. Linguists used the similar method to reconstruct hypothetical language families. Hence definitely a similar method can be used to reconstruct the first ever religion and cultures.
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    I know about the Asta Dasa Sakthipithas in our country. These places are famous as the places where the body parts of Goddess sathi were spread all over India and in each place of this 18 places one part of the Goddess was fallen, the epic says. Now by reading this post I understand that similar things are there in other religions also. As mentioned by the author the method used to reconstruct language families can be tried for knowing the evolution of religions and cultures. Work may be going on somewhere and we don't get the information till it is authenticated.
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    This is totally new information for me and probably for many members of this site for having came across this post which has the mention of scattered parts of dead bodies.
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