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    Intolerable nuisance of street dogs

    In many parts we can see the street dogs domination. Though we made complaints to the respective authorities, and their catching, the problem of the street dogs are intolerable.
    When our children going in the street though the street dogs are not doing any thing, we fear about our children much.
    When we return from work in late hours the fear on street dogs are more.
    Above all the crying, barking and fighting of street dogs are high pitch and many lost their sleeps because of this.
    If there is senior persons in the house the trouble of such sound affects more.
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    True. Street dogs are becoming very problematic. They create a lot of disturbance and especially in nights. They go on barking with a very high pitch and sometimes we were forced to come out and see why they are barking so much Many times it happens in our street. There is a lady in our street who regularly feeds these dogs. So they never move out of our street and they will be roaming here and there in our street only. Day time also if any new person comes into our street they start barking and go on chasing him. That is why children will always afraid to go that way. But these days we are not hearing or seeing them as we are not going out much.
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    I do agree that the street dog menace has become the biggest headache for those who are undergoing great ordeal when in their streets not less than 10 dogs are roaming here and there and maintaining their border superiority and hence even one another stray dog enters the their space the chase would be ferocious and sometimes fatal. In that process they turn their anger on human beings too who are passing through the place. There is a colony open space behind my house and all the stray dogs have resting place. But the adjacent colony dogs also want to mate and have relations with our street dogs and thus face of starts which runs into several minutes and they try to dominate and protect their mates and thus the male and female dog barking would be unbearable and sometimes we have to throw stones at them to disperse.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Street dogs are definitely creating troubles with their constant barking and their barking would allow their opponents to respond with the same pitch or even louder. To some extent, it is fairy tolerable in the day time but once the night sets in, their barking time multiplies. It goes on the full throttle without the break.There is no end to this ordeal. Earlier there was the provision of catching such street dogs from the steel management but now it is a matter of past. They recognise the faces of the people living in the streets and their movement does not create any sensation but if a stranger passes through the street, bunch of dogs would follow him till there is no exit of that stranger. At least we are lucky that the kids of the colony are safe.

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    We should understand that street dogs are the guards of that street. They won't attack the people residing in that area. They can very well understand a stranger and try to bark at them. Their barking is an alert to the residents that a foreigner is entering our area. If the bark and fight between them, it is their personal matter. It could be their internal family matters which we do not know.
    So be good with the street dogs, feed them if you can. Once you feed them, they will remain ever faithful to you and your family.
    If a dog is found abnormal, inform the authority concerned to take away the dog from your area.
    Dogs security guards. Treat them and care them well.

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    Street dogs are labelled as dogs which were left alone in desolate places inviting isolation. They were separated from their own community and due to various reasons were left on the open streets. Those dogs bark and produce loud sounds because of insecurity and hunger. They too have emotions. Unlike humans, dogs don't have any voice to alarm and safe themselves. One thing I have personally experienced, animals don't intend to harm other's no matter whether they are human beings untill and unless provoked to do so. If humans misbehave and try to pester them intentionally, it's quite natural and justice when the dog bites the individual. But, sometimes especially small children, they are afraid and they try to shoo away the dogs from their path. This creates a havoc situation because even if you are not a dog lover, atleast try to pretend to be friendly towards the dog. Carry a biscuit packer or buy one if possible and feed them. This would help to lessen the fright and panic.
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