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    In no way we should cross the ethics level laid

    One person told that the freedom to one is up to the next man's nose. This means we can comment or criticize another to some extent.
    Similarly every thing is limited with some ethics which never to be crossed.
    We in most cases, follows courtesy, etiquette from western culture but not following our own culture and ethical etiquette.
    Social distancing, lock down procedures, closing down the worship centers etc., laid by our State and Central Government only in order to save our lives and protect us from the virus and not for any personal interest of the Governments.
    But the medias are giving the news and information badly as if the procedures of lock down etc., for the benefits of governments. It is paining to see the word they are using as 'verichodi' which means blank when they point out the roads, temples seems as verichodi. This can be positively said as 'our people sincerely followed the protection rules' by the word 'without people'
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    Everyone should know their limits. Going beyond limits is never appreciated. Ethics are very important. We should not have biased thinking. We should judge everything in the same way. Personal friendship or enmity should not be considered when we are judging somebody's strengths or weaknesses The point to be considered should be the same for all.
    Lockdown enforced by the government was for the welfare of the people only. The ultimate thing is to control the Virus and more people should not get affected by this virus. We should not think about that in another way. Now there is no lockdown and people are moving happily and more people are getting into the problem. But news channels will find fault with the government. They will never give the correct analysis.
    Get the news and you yourselves can analyse them and then you will understand the facts. Even though some freedom come back we should not step out and Rome unnecessarily. We should be in the house and do whatever we have to do sho

    always confident

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    Working beyond the limits imposed by ethics would only bring misery to us and is not a good proposition. In spite of clear instruction to follow there are some people who want to experiment themselves before believing that yes those instructions were necessary. It is not necessary that all of us die right now to find out whether hell is there or heaven is there after death. Why people have become so impatient that they are ready to take risk of gigantic proportions. We should never cross the boundary of ethics in our life otherwise it could turn disastrous.
    Knowledge is power.

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