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    How many of you familiar with cross word puzzles

    In many magazines we are seeing cross word puzzles irrespective in all languages. I was regularly travelling from our (head) office to our branches at various places. I used to buy magazines usually when I travel on office work. One time I went to Hyderbad and then Visakaptnam. When I return from vizag our Vizag Branch manager also accompanied with me in Coromandel express. I took a Tamil novel book bought at Nampalli station entrance, and start filling up the cross word puzzles. My friend commented as it is children's play. I went through without saying anything. when finishing half, TTE came and I showed our ticket but during that time my friend took the book and got some interest and start to write the answers as he know. I left him to continue and on finishing he got interest fully and asked me what are all the magazines publishing such puzzles. Then onward he start to buy books with puzzles.
    How many ISC'ns have this habit of cross word puzzles?
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    I am very fond off these crossword puzzles. If anything is available I will not leave it without trying. I will be doing more puzzles in my mother tongue that is Telugu. Sunday magazine of the newspaper contains one crossword puzzle. I will complete it without fail. In English also I will be trying but completing it is very difficult and takes a long time. But in Telugu, I can complete fast and I will be completing it 100%.
    Another puzzle I like is Sudoku. I am very fond of solving this. One of my friends donated me a book which contains many Sudoku puzzles. I did all the puzzles given and no I am able to fill sudoku with a pen. No pencil is required as I don't require to erase and rewrite.

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    I attempt them time to time especially the English ones. The daily crosswords are a bit tougher and we have to take help of thesaurus to decipher them. Then, many times cryptic clues are there along with anagrams and it takes time to solve these clues. If one can solve even one third that is quite commendable. On weekends, some cross words come with two sets of clues one easy and other cryptic to be filled in the same format. The easy one is interesting and fun to do. This is a good pass time to sharpen the mind in respect of English vocabulary.
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    I am not much interested in crossword puzzles. I don't select magazines with crossword puzzles. If I happened to buy some magazines and if I find some crossword puzzle in it, I try to solve them. But I love Sudoku published in 'The Hindu'. Before the commencement of bus journey, I would buy a Hindu newspaper and try to solve it during my journey. I won't know how I reach my destination. It is a good timepass hobby during the journey.
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