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    Is institutes like Chaitanya and Narayana worth their name

    In both the Telugu speaking States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, there are a number of coaching institutes of the Chaitanya and Narayana group of institutions. These two institutions are quite popular with the students for the coaching that they provide for engineering and medical entrance exams. In fact, many students from other states, including from the northeast, aspiring to become an IITian or a medical doctor come to these two states for taking coaching either at Chaitanya or at Narayana. There are a few other institutes of repute too, like FIITJEE and Aakash, but they are too few in numbers. Wonder, whether the Narayana and the Chaitanya group of institutions are really good or are they just like any other ordinary institute, not worth their name. Those with experience about these two institutes may please provide their opinion.
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    Those two institutes are good and they are commercial institutes. They want profits. So they want to attract more people. So they are seeing that good education is imparted to the students. If your aim is to get into an IIT or good medical college the chances of getting a seat in these institutes will improve your chances. But they will go by the syllabus. They make students concentrate on the syllabus and students will be observed closely and given special coaching if there is a need. Their fees are very high and the payments are less. Only selected teachers will be given good salaries and see that they will not leave their institutes.
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    What I could understand from the both groups that Chaitanya is famous for those who want to make a career out of science stream and their coaching for the NEET and other allied science projects are good and fetching and my daughter is student of Chaitanya Kalashala only. As regards to Narayana, it has the name for creating best B tech students and those who studied in these college are sure shot toppers of MPC and thus they would become future great Engineers. Both the colleges have earned name and fame and also giving good doctors and engineers to the country.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    There are many good coaching institutes in our country especially for engineering courses. This is also in the same line. They claim that some of their students get qualified to enter IITs. It is possible as many top ranking institutes make such claims and these claims are true to some extent also. Some of these institutes are having expertise in coaching and prepare the students thoroughly. They have generally good faculty and they charge higher fees also.
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    Umesh please note that Chaitanya and Narayana are not coaching centers and in fact full fledged colleges with residential and day scholar facilities.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The institute has nothing to do with its name. It is the product from the institute that matters a lot. I do not know much about the institutes you are talking about. To me, all the institutes are the same. It is the interest as to how a student learns from the institution. Institutes might have a good atmosphere, environments, labs, libraries, etc. But the students should make the best use of them. There are many institutions in the south from where excellent engineers and doctors are made.
    However, to conclude, all the institutions are money-making business institutions. That's the reason why Indians are preferring to study abroad.

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    My view in this context is the analysis of institutions are mere waste. If the institution is very good according to the popularity or publicity, then will the average student comes out to the rank through their instructions? The students should also participate well and the parents should seek the institution where their children got a breakthrough. Mere analyzing the institutions is waste but there should be comparison of institution and student.
    Many parents wants to keep their children busy by forcing this and that on them in order to free themselves. No parent wants to spare time with the children and throwing money and expecting the children study well on their own. For keeping the children busy, the institutions also know the pulse of parents, introduce many extra curriculum activities in the institution with hefty fees and by knowing the special activities parents overwhelming and pour the money in the institutions.

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    Having been in Hyderabad for a good many years, I have seen the popularity of these two institutes here. They have a number of colleges spread across the city, and the students come in droves to study here. Yes, Mohan, you are right, they are not simply coaching centres, but junior colleges, in fact. They also cover the 11th and 12th curriculum and many even have classes starting from primary itself. To cater to the non-locals, the two have even opened CBSE affiliated schools. Most of them are, however, affiliated to the state board syllabus. But what I have also noticed is that compared to the large number of students that study in these two educational organizations, only a small percentage is able to shine in the competitive exams like JEE Main, Advanced and NEET. The vast majority of the students are left with no major options other than to opt for the not so reputed private engineering colleges after their 10+2. For most, even after putting so much hard labour and some hard-earned money of their parents for all these years in their respective institutes, there is not much to look forward to. Was it worth all the effort, for them?
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    These two institutes are very popular in the twin Telugu states and in some parts of their neighbouring states of Odisha, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Maharastra. Students from Bastar region of Chattisgarh too are opting for these institutes to have a good show in the JEE/NEET examinations. They have good faculty and try to monitor the students constantly for both the CBSE and State Board syllabi and the fee structure is comparatively lower than FITJEE and other popular institutes. What I observed is, these institutes have two wings - Marketing and Academics. The marketing wing takes a survey of all the students at the Dec/Jan months itself while the student is preparing for the Class X exam and try to persuade their parents to join their Institutes or their subsidiaries in their vicinities by offering concessions based the marks the ward is going to get. The batch segregation based on the performance of weekly tests and the ability of the student to cope up with the intensity of the IIT/NIT (JEE Mains)/NEET exam is one of the methodologies they adopt to monitor the students. In one way, it is good for parents too as they take care of everything but we should ensure that the child is not demoralised for under-performance. Here comes the role of parents and try to pacify them that there is a long way to go and they can improve.

    My two nephews, nieces and my daughters too are the products Chaitanya and did well in the exams. One of them is an Alumini of IIT Madras and ISB Hyderabad while another one is a Scientist in ISRO. All these belong to the batches released after 2012 only and the latest one is my younger daughter who just completed her B Tech from NIT, Andhra Pradesh and joined in IIM Raipur very recently.

    What I mean to say that all these Institutes including FITJEE are definitely responsible for generating competitive spirit among the students as compared to Government colleges and in a way paving for the students to excel in their career even after getting relieved from those institutes. We have to see the larger perspective with the success stories of the people though we always debate about the corporate culture prevailing in Academics.


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