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    Think or Blink? Which is faster?

    We often hear the phrase "It happened even before I could blink" or "even before I could think or move, the car hit me". Many times some things / events / accidents happen utterly at the speed of light. In such cases, we literally do not know how to react, as our mind is not merely ready for the drastic incident happening.

    Have you ever experience something like this? What would you compare such incidents with, faster than blink or think? What is faster in your opinion, think or blink?

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    I think blink is faster than thinking and I can give one example for each. In one of the accidents I came across the social media a boy was standing at the gate and suddenly a car came from wrong direction and directly hit the gate and the boy have lucky with the blink of the time. In one of the ad a old woman asks the young boy to get the walking stick that slipped from her hand and the boy was enjoying a chocolate taste and listening to music. Having not heard about the woman request she just get up and fetch the stick on her own and suddenly the upper portion of the wall fell on the seat where she was sitting. And this is the thinking of the woman that moved her from the death spot.
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    Blink is faster. Blink will happen just for a moment. But think the process will take a long time based on the subject about which you are thinking. Sometimes you will not get a way to solve the problem even thinking for a long time but when we are doing other some work an idea may blink in our mind and with that idea we will solve the problem we have. So definitely blink is faster.
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    I think thinking is a different process and blinking is other process but both these process happen due to chemical stimulus. Thinking requires time because a long path is followed to allow the stimulus to stimulate the brain into thought process. Thinking is a voluntary action. Blinking is an involuntary action. Blinking doesn't require a long process. It happens quickly without any thought.
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    Blink is physical, and think is mental. They are two different things, and cannot be compared with each other. According to me, think is faster than a blink. A think travels faster and goes beyond any distance. Blink is a physical movement and has nothing to do. It is a quick opening and closing of our eyes.

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    Though we use both the phrases mentioned at the beginning of the thread, blink is always faster than you think. Things can suddenly change when you open your eyes after a blink and that's why we use the term but it will take a little more time to think and act. You have to see things before you can think of your next course of action but if things happen while blinking you have no time to think.

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    While you start a blink, just think about anything and you can reach it before you complete your blinking. Therefore, I would say that think is faster than blink. Blink is like going dead, and think is like being alive.

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    If we are not getting diverted from our actual work, then neither blink not think is prominent. We always think to blink. Accidents hardly occur in a blink, it is a mistake from any one side. While driving the precautions like following the traffic rules, without consuming alcohol, without using mobiles, being alert. Then none will face problems.
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