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    The journey of a Chair and a Table ...

    In a preparatory mode for the online classes of some IIMs scheduled to start from next week, my daughter made some interior changes of one of the rooms in our house by ordering new curtains and proper connectivity installations. The complexion of the room environment has completely changed and looking more attractive than before. I was surprised to see the chair and table she chose to attend the online classes through Zoom App or the other, as the case may be.

    The iron welded chair and table duly netted have a long story to say. They were brought by me and my sister from Berhampur during my school days. The pair was a gift from my 'Badi Maa' when we spent our summer vacation somewhere in 1976 or so. My cousin runs a welding and lathes machine workshop at Berhampur and such netted iron chairs were considered to be stylish those days. It was my study table with a table lamp and sitting chair for some time for me and continued to be with me till my graduation and later used by my brother and sisters after I left my native place for post-graduation. In the later years, both lost their glory and spotted for giving shelter for old books and other items as netting has become a recurring expenditure and difficult to find those who can do such jobs.

    A few years ago, my old house at the native place was reconstructed and all the old junk was let out or theft out by the localities during the demolition. But the emotional attachment with the chair and the table and an old iron Almirah, I got them repaired and got transported to my place of residence miles away from there. Everyone wondered, some murmured for my orthodox and sentimental behavior except my wife who respected my feelings.

    With the new generation of furniture and appliances, they appeared to compete with a fresh look and my wife has glorified the importance of those items during their kitty parties. The saying may be true - "If you hold a key and positioned well, everything would be more attractive". Let it be.
    The surprising one is that my daughter chose the table to keep her Laptop and the chair to sit opposite to it with a better position of capturing her image for her IIM online classes and made a trial run by speaking to her friends. What makes me more happier is that the pair is being utilized by the 'second generation' with a success story. I may be feeling more excited but some of you might have some more good similar stories to share.
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    Good story. Old items are very strong and durability is also more. But they may not look beautiful but definitely they are strong. The model mentioned by the author is a very good which is good ergonomically also for sitting a long time. I should appreciate the daughter for her selection.
    In our, we have a wooden almirah made of quality wood. The age of that almirah is more than 60 years. But today also it looks like a new one. I tried to get one more made recently but it was never looking like the old one. Then I disposed of the new one. The old one is being used by my father in our native place. The workmanship of the carpenter is worth mentioning.

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    Yes, some furniture or vessels lose their importance as the new trends diverts us. We have an old fan which was being shifted to the storeroom. This is about twenty years old, still in good condition.

    Even the table used for television is an old model with two shelves below it. This furniture is also about fifteen years old. These two equipment are my favourite one's as this was my dining table for some years.

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    Interesting and sentiments invoking narration made by the author. Sometimes we get attached with old things in a nostalgic way and then keep it with us only. In your case it is a good thing that your daughter has understood the value of this piece of furniture and has made it available for her studies. What can be better in a household to use an old thing for a good purpose.
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    Yes in my home a few wooden furniture are there. (They are now used by my brother and family as I did not lay any claim on them or any other such assets). Of which a wooden Almirah is also there. My father used to tell me that the almirah was made at home using few logs of wood he salvaged from the flooded waters of a nearby river when he was in high school.
    A few wooden door- frames in my (our) present flats are made using the salvaged wooden parts from in our old house.

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    Many of us would not discard the old items lying in our homes just for the reason that some sentiments were attached. I have a teak wood table which is very strong and was won from the auction of railway furniture during 1956. That is still strong and no table can match with its height, width and the weight. Like wise I have wooden almirah given by my father in law. It seems he has purchased the same during his childhood to store the vedic books and vedic items and he has passed the same to us as the remembrance gift. Even today this almirah is strong and would sustain for more years.
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