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    Why is Congress Party going thin and weak?

    We are hearing news about many Congress leaders getting out of\ the party. Presently, there is a crisis in Rajasthan's politics. Congress MLAs are leaving their party.

    What could be the reason? Is it the inability of the Gandhi family to manage the party? Or is it due to the personal ambition of the party leaders? Or is it due to missing ideology? Or any other reason.

    This is my thread for 17th July 2020.
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    In my opinion, the main problem is the absence of a good leader in the party to lead the party from the front. The leaders are always trying to be behind the Nehru family only. The members of that family are not having any of the required qualities. So the party is having a good leader.
    There is no vision for the party. They always try to criticise the ruling party but never concentrate on their methodology to be adopted for winning the confidence of the people.
    Many party people are involved in many corruption issues. They are all more interested in earning money rather than reviving the party or bringing the party to rule in their particular states and the centre. They all should have a meeting and introspect into the reasons for the failure and also should finalise an action plan to be adopted for coming back to power. Otherwise, the party will be forgotten by the people of India.

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    On 20-10-2014, K Mohan posted a thread Is India heading for Congress free Nation? .
    I quote a relevant part from my response to that thread:
    "By seeing things taking shape and course in Congress party, I wonder whether they are hell bent on dissolving the party. It is high time for all genuine Congress men to think in different way and do even a drastic surgery to save the party, including bringing entirely new leadership than being just sycophants for single family...........................While it is nice to hear slogans like 'Congress mukth Bharat', I do not think it is good for the country if Congress is totally wiped off."

    I need not have to be be an astrologer then to predict what I said.

    Still three years before that thread and about almost ten years back, in a thread titled "If Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are declared PM Candidates, who will win?"
    I had said that "Rahul, on the other hand, is propelled to leadership by background, fanfare, designer propaganda. He was actually forcefully ejected in to the centre stage. He has neither shown any initiative by himself, nor could exploit many chances falling on his lap. He has exhibited immaturity and lack of direction in all his dealings.".

    Rahul Gandhi, in my observation and the Congress party has not changed a bit even today. Now, only a miracle can save the party from being reduced to a regional party. Personally I do not welcome that, for the sake of good democratic strength in this country. Let good sense and ration prevail on the leaders of the party and save it from further doom.

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    In this thread my response concluded as :
    "The present-day Congress, in spite of being a party that ruled the country for many decades does not have a democratic system of electing its own leaders at various levels. While the top most leaders come from one family, all others are mostly nominated by these leaders in guise of a consensus. authorisation. Sycophancy, flattery and caucus and umpteen groups at all local levels.

    If the Congress party goes back to its democratic roots , I think still t can be salvaged and restored to its pristine position. Congress still has some good, popular grass root leaders at many levels."

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    I feel pity with Rahul Gandhi as he could not escalate the party and bring the past glories of winning with thumping majority across the country. Only Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had the guts to retain the pride and prestige of Congress and over the last decade the corruption charges against the party has been increasing in every state it ruled and at center also. So people lost faith in that party and started preferring BJP and that is the reason India voted for second term. But yesterday's comment from Rahul Gandhi would virtually empty the Congress in near future. He said that youth leaders are no more required and they can leave the party as they felt. This proves that Congress want to depend and make it present felt on old leaders who have some respect in the public. Therefore Congress would be zero in few months.

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congress ruled this country for a long time and naturally people are well aware of their ways of ruling and administrating the nation. They did some good work also as today there are so many things running successfully in the country which were conceptualised and implemented in their time. But there were deficiencies also. Many scams took place and rampant corruption was found to be happening in many places. Many congress leaders are booked for their mis utilisation of power and position and things did not go well for them after the change of Govt in India. People compare two governances and accordingly judge them. It is said that in bad times even friends leave us so same thing is happening with congress. In absence of a strong leadership they are not able to sustain in the competitive political scenario in our country.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Congress had been once a strong party because the members were dedicated, honest and sincere. It worked smoothly till 1985 because of their strongholds but later strength became to diminish due to the internal frictions of the members. The position as of now is critical due to lack of discipline of the existing members. Cohesion to run the party is desirable. They should sit together and resolve the internal issues so as to gain the lost glory.
    Restructuring the party with the dedicated members and maintaining the missionary zeal would save the party from further deterioration.

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    According to political analysts besides political hegemonism and expansionism of power by opponent- preponderance of dominion of specific group within the Congress party and probably favoritism as well are playing vital role, moreover, several other factors like immorality, over-ambition, lust of power, horse-trading etc are responsible for political commotion in Rajasthan.

    Whether or not we agree to abovesaid analysis is a different issue.

    As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned, he is the most targeted leader the ruling party has been slamming or humiliating since it came in power but it gives him energy to remain in race. If you see from this angle that many talented, prominent and veteran leaders are in different parties who criticize the government but why Rahul's one tweet stimulates BJP as a whole to slam him on every platform. You can see BJP ministers, spokespersons in media or IT Cell in social media vehemently debunking his statement. This opposition of the ruling party makes him stronger instead of weakening him as a leader.

    We shouldn't forget that every action has opposite reaction.

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