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    Accidental presence of strand of hair in food

    We all have witnessed the presence of hair in form of a strand in food material whether it's accidental in majority of the cases or due to carelessness activity. Keratin is the main constituent in hair. Hair is made up of dead cells. If by any chance we ingest the strand of hair alongwith the food ingested via the oesophagus to the stomach, it's has been proven that the hair is not digested because it cannot be broken down into soluble components. Hence, in short, hair is inedible substance. Prevention is better than cure. The human body is designed to ingest edible substance.
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    Somehow if a strand of hair falls on the food it will be really difficult to swallow the food until you remove the strand. The human body is made in such a way that the body will adjust according to the conditions. We can stretch our body to a great extent but it has limitations. We need to take proper care of our body in order to maintain its functionality. There are certain foods that we need to avoid otherwise it can create troubles. Unfortunately, I think human beings are the only species that do not care much about what should not be eaten. You will find us eating whatever we feel like to eat.

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    It is very common to find hair strands in our food items. A neat and tidy house won't have the problem of hair strands falling into food items. Also, our body system is such that it won't permit hair strands to get in. Our throat will sense it and bring it out. If consumed by mistake, it gets coiled around our inner body parts and creates a problem for us and would cause stomach pain. Eating fiber food will clear the hair strands stuck inside our bodies.

    A story to narrate:
    Once a princess was suffering from stomach pain. The court doctor had just died and no doctor was available. The late doctor's young son was present but not practicing medicine, was not aware of the ABCD of medicines. Yet, the king insisted him to cure the princess stomach pain, with a hope that he would have his father's effect.
    Knowing not what to do, the doctor's son took out some black clay and made it into small pepper size balls, and gave it to the princess. OMG! The princess's stomach pain vanished within a day. What really happened was -A hair strand was troubling the princess with stomach pain. When the princess ate the black balls given by the young doctor, the hair strand got struck with the clay balls and came out with her motion. The king wondered the new doctor, awarded him and appointed him as his court's doctor.

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    Hair strands in food are not good. That is why Chefs in hotels will cover their head when they cook food. But the hair strands are very light in weight and can fly from one corner to another corner and it may get into food items. That is why we should keep the vessels having food items always closed. Even though we take all care possible sometimes we will find these strands in our food. So we should be careful while eating and we should see carefully and remove them. By any chance, if they get into our body they will not get digested.
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    I appreciate your response, sir. I am overwhelmed with happiness and highly gratified by reading the short story. Thank you for sharing with us.

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