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    Were there recipe books earlier?

    A thought came to mind when I was recalling thevarious appliances that first entered our home and the free recipe book that always came with the initial brands of mixies in the market - when did recipe books get printed first? We have heard about how generations of ladies jotted down ingredients and how to cook in a notebook, learning fascinating dishes from their grandmothers, mothers, and, after marriage, from mothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, etc.

    Now there are plenty of blogs, vlogs, YouTube videos and so on devoted exclusively to cooking a variety of cuisine. Recipe books do get published from time to time, but perhaps are no longer in demand other than, perhaps, by keen home cooks and professional chefs.

    Do any of you have any old published printed recipe book of yesteryears?
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    In the past, I have received recipe books along with the pressure cooker. I had one such recipe book received along with a Prestige pressure cooker. Also, when we buy a mixie or grinder we get a good recipe book. Nowadays, I don't find any such recipe book along with the items. Because everything is available with a touch of the keyboard. Just type it, you get it with a demonstration. The net has made everything easy.
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    This is an interesting thread. Nostalgia hits when past pleasant memories strike us. Earlier, there were no such scope or trend of googling every unknown thing to know more. People used to experiment. I feel the activity of experiment is depleting day by day due to excessive usage of technology to know everything within a second by surfing the internet. There were no recipe books and women in those majority of them were illiterate. They were deprived of the liberty due to the system of patriarchal society legalisation. Women were not allowed to be open and their were restrictions imposed on them to do everything. It was literally a hard life to sustain for women in those days. Nevertheless, I believe women in those days were courageous and had huge knowledge in home science. They knew each and every cuisines by intuition and self-learning. They were the master of the food and master's don't need recipe book to teach someone.
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    I think there are no such books earlier. I never heard also. In the house when the elders were cooking the next generation, people might have observed them and practised. It is coming from one generation to the next generation. Only in the modern world, this recipe books are coming. There are books in Sanskrit telling about various recipes of medicines and how to make those medicines. Charaka and Samhita are two such books. I don't know whether any books exist in the Sanskrit literature mentioning about the recipes of food items. In a book written by King Someshvara III of Kalyana of Central India around 1130 AD a chapter titled 'Annabhoga', was dedicated to explaining processes for making a variety of dishes. The title of the book is Abhilashitartha Chintamani. This I heard through one of my friends.
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    I have seen and read a book in Tamil, 'Samaithu paar' (cook and see) which was very familiar in Tamil Circle and many types of items it contains. It was written by one Meenakshi Ammal. In those days the cooking was treated devotion. Housewives spent in those time more time in cooking that too different varieties. In those days preparation of Sweets and savories for marriage like functions are done by house ladies - all relatives collectively. later I searched for the samithu paar book and got the link:

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