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    Let's design a new rule book

    There are many things we all should follow. Though there is a tendency among many of us to break the rules, but rules do exist. The recent pandemic has created a situation that no one has experienced before. We had to follow certain rules related to hygiene and personal safety and those general rules are advertised widely. We have discussed various aspects related to the pandemic in the forum section and even there is a thread related to COVID-19 where members can post issues related to it. Though this thread is quite related to COVID-19 but it is something different to what we generally discuss on a regular basis regarding the pandemic. We are getting accustomed to certain things and there are changes seen in transaction of daily businesses. Keeping every aspect in mind, how about creating a rulebook that the people the world over would follow? There were many compulsory things that have become optional now. Things like going to office, schools/institutions and writing examinations are just a few of those things. I am talking about a rulebook where members will suggest some rules that can be made compulsory and also others that may remain optional. The rule book will contain things that people can do away with. Come up with good ideas leaving the hand-sanitization and social distancing rules away from it. The list may be long, but suggest a list.
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    I suggest the following rules.
    1. Outside eating is strictly prohibited
    2. Smoking should be banned
    3. Don't go to parks and other open places
    4. Voting should be done by postal ballot only.
    5. Election campaign should be online only. There should be no meetings in open areas and only virtual meetings should be allowed.

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    My Twelve Golden Rules.
    1. Early in the morning, after waking up from bed, Thank God for the safe rising from the bed.
    2. Take a glass of honey mixed warm lemon water.
    3. After your morning exercise, take two glasses of warm water and then take tea with ginger and pepper mixture.
    4. Gargle with salt mixed hot water, after every meal.
    5. Ensure to include turmeric, ginger, pepper, jeera, asafoetida in all your food items.
    6. Ensure to drink only jeera water. Avoid bicarbonate cool drinks like cola, sprite and sprint.
    7. Add pulses in your food. Take cereals and pulses in equal quantity.
    8. Wash your hands well before taking food.
    9. Don't take alcohol. Instead, use the same money for buying the fruits
    10. Drink a glass of milk mixed with Turmeric and pepper.
    11. Thank God before you go to bed.
    12. Have sound sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily.

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    It is a very good suggestion but practising it in our daily life is more essential.

    Rules for rules book:-
    1. We should wash our legs, when we enter our house from outside. A bath, according to the need.
    2. Add fruits and vegetables as a daily intake.
    3. Drink like warm water regularly in between intervals.
    4. Exercise, yoga or walk any physical activity for thirty minutes daily.
    5. Follow the twenty-twenty rule.
    6. Take care of family members, sit together for atleast one meal a day.
    7. Quit alcohol and tobocco.

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    SuN and Sharada, the rules you have mentioned are all related to food habits and a healthy lifestyle. What I wanted to focus on is related to every aspect of our lives and not limited to only our health. Think of it and come up with new ideas and rules.

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    In addition to my above 12 points that are helpful to maintain our health to lead a peaceful and happy life, what else can be added?
    Please add more to it from your side, for us to follow.

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