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    Who is your Bhishma Pithamaha in Indian freedom fight.

    We all know that Bhishma Pithamaha is the fatherly figure in the Kurukshetra war. Even though he was with Kauravas he was always thinking about Hasthinapuram only. He wanted to see that Hasthinapuram is safe. Even though he was defeated by Arjuna he was on Ampasayya till the war came to an end and after he heard about the success of Pandavas, he took his last breath.

    India fought for the freedom with British rulers. Many people died in the process. But ultimately Britishers left India declaring India as an independent country. Many people participated in the war. Can you select anybody from any one of the side who is like Bhishma Pithamaha in this freedom fight.

    with my limited knowledge of freedom fight, I couldn't see any one who is like Bhishma.
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    Firstly, to find a Bhisma Pitaamah, we need to look for a bachelor freedom fighter.
    Secondly, he should be an elderly person
    Thirdly, he should be a bold, courageous and mighty person.
    Fourthly, he should have been cursed by a female.
    Fifthly, he could have been killed by a Transgender.

    Sorry, we won't get a Bhisma Pithamaa from Indian freedom fighters.

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    The target of all the freedom fighters was to set India free of British rulers and they all fought with the same mission in their mind. There were many guides during their missions but as such there was no one to whom we can compare with Bhishma Pithamaha. The mission was a different one. There was no such vow like that of Bhishma Pithamaha and after India got freedom there was only politics of who is going to rule the country. To some extent, Mahatma Gandhi's intention was clear as he thought of a violence-free nation where people of all religions can reside peacefully. I am not going into the ideas of secularism or Gandhiji's view on secularism but would be more interested in his nature as a human. Actually, for his exceptional humane qualities, he is regarded the world over.

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    But Gandhiji is the main person for obtaining freedom to India. He led the country from the front and I feel if at all we have to compare him with one of the characters of Mahabharata he should be either Lord Krishna or Arjuna. That is why I have not mentioned his name as Bhishma.
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    It's not easy for me to specify one leader, however, I can suggest you read books of William Wilson Hunter, the British historian, about Indian freedom struggle.

    SuN: Your reply is hilarious and interesting.

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    We should note that Bhishma Peetamah was on opposite side of pandavas. If at all we find a comparable personality in wide range of freedom fighters in all over India, it is quite difficult to find a freedom fighter who was on the British side for any reason.

    If we neglect this particular fact of being on other side, I presume Lala Lajpat Rai from Punjab who carried the famous "Simon Go Back" movement, is the most similar personality to Bhishma Peetamah.

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