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    I am facing an issue with Grammarly

    The problem started since yesterday afternoon. Yesterday afternoon, for quite sometime the website of ISC was not available. During posting a response, suddenly it became non-functional. After it was made operational, I posted more replies and also posted one thread. While posting a new thread, I found Grammarly not working with the Description textbox where the body of the thread is written. This is happening only while posting new threads, whereas, Grammarly is working perfectly when I am replying to other threads. The same thing is happening today also. Am I the only one facing the issue or is it a technical issue faced by every member? Requesting all of you to please check it from your end.
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    I too face similar problem with Grammarly. Just move your cursor to the bottom right-hand corner and wait for a while, Grammarly would come up.
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    I have not noticed any such problem. I have seen Grammarly working during my new thread posting as well as I post my comments on other threads.
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    It happens when we install a new browser and then we have to sign in to Grammarly. Some times, the Grammarly becomes inactive, and then we have to sign, and then it starts functioning.

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    I sometimes face problems similar to what Ramakrishna mentioned. Sometimes I find that it opens the browser and we have to sign in there. Earlier it used to give me some doubts and I used to become a bit scared. Then I tried clicking on the Grammarly icon on desktop screen and click on "import to Grammarly". Then I used to get the screen I used to get earlier. I was not sure whether it was a problem only to me. Hence I did not ask the doubt here.

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    Today I have the same problem while posting my new thread. The Grammarly is not showing its signal on the right hand lower corner of the place where we post our matter. The red dots are coming somewhere in the lower area. But when we put the cursor on each word if there is any mistake it showing the mistake and giving the corrective suggestion. But when we answer the thread raised by others it is working normally. It seems as if it is working properly in the lower part of the screen only. How to address this problem?
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    Yes, Dr Rao @##704453 that's what I am talking about. I am facing this particular issue that you have mentioned and it seems the issue is still there.

    Ramakrishna Kambhampati, what you have suggested in your reply @#704384 is something different. Actually, the problem started the day before yesterday and I am not using a new browser also.


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    Sankalan Bhattacharya,

    I am not facing any such issue with the Firefox browser. The tool is working just fine with all my contributions here and even at my emails. You could try one thing - sign in directly to the Grammarly account in a separate, adjacent tab and then start posting content here; see if it works.

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    Yes. Just now I logged out from ISC on Google chrome and logged in using Microsoft Edge. It is working alright. I tried posting a new thread and observed that Grammarly is working alright.
    Sankalan., you can also try using a different browser,

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    Vandana Ma'am,

    Actually, the issue started since the day before yesterday and surprisingly it is giving troubles only for new forum posts. Otherwise, it's working perfectly. Thanks for your suggestion and I will follow it while posting new threads.


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