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    Twenty-minutes, feet, seconds for 2020

    This year is ending with twenty-twenty. We are noticing that humanity is in trouble, facing a severe economic crisis and health hazards. As students and working professionals are using gadgets regularly, home has turned into an office. So, let's take a few precautions to save our eyes to support our daily activities.

    Take a walk or move from the place every twenty minutes, if you are using a mobile, tab or laptop. Look for about 20 feet away for about twenty seconds. Blink regularly and say it to yourself, to get into a habit. If we are not taking these steps, we may end up irritation and dry eyes leading to poor vision problems.

    Save eyes, save yourself. Suggest any other activities for ensuring good vision.
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    A very good suggestion from the author. Everyone should follow the suggestions. They are good for our health. Even when we go to offices sitting in chair for a long time is not good and in between, we should get up and have a small walk. Now the author has mentioned every 20 minutes. If it is not 20 minutes at least we should get once in every half an hour.
    Similarly seeing at long-distance once in a while and blink in between is good for our vision. These days I came to know that some digital optical glasses are coming which are good for the people working on computers for longer durations.

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    You are right. At this juncture, I would like to share my post that will be a good lesson to our members working from home.
    click here to read and enjoy my post.
    Post your comments, if you can.

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    You are already sun by your name, so you have to work for twelve hours. I really enjoyed reading the conversation with voice modulations. But let me add, get awards not at the cost of your health.

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    While employed I was a sort of work addict or workaholic. I was a multitasking person. I used to take up my own work and even work of others. So many times I would forget about m tea kept on my table, go for lunch very late after completing certain tasks. The more I used to do the more I used to get also. I was happy at that. So I had always done exactly opposite to what is suggested in this thread.
    The result was that I used to get severed headache at the end of the day. I used to start early and reach home late. Then I use to spend some time with my family. That way I slept very late and had to get up early. So I did not get sufficient time for sufficient sleep. This caused headache in the morning also. To put up a pleasant face at office I have to take a pain relieving tablet. This used to be my routine for many years.
    Sitting at computer made me to wear spectacle relatively earlier. In one office others used to keep AC at 18 degrees or so. I could not tolerate that. Added to this was my continuous sitting at computer. Then I started getting pain in my legs. The doctor then advised me to walk at least about twenty minutes under the evening sun.
    So I obtained special permission and used to go out and take a walk under evening sub during tea break.
    Sometimes in the eagerness and sincere involvement we forget our own health. We have to somehow find out and squeeze in a little time for ourselves to break monotony and overstressing. So I can relate to the twenty minute suggestion in the thread.

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