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    Government wants to dissuade ATM usage and giving fillip to digital payments

    In the recent past there has been surge in the usage of digital payments through various payment portals and thus India transacted over 10.5 lakh crores and at the same time the cash withdraw from the ATMs has been decreased to 9.7 lakh crore. During the pandemic people used the digital payment mode as they are stay put in the home and even the ATMs were without the cash. It seems the ATMs across the country would become inconsequential in future and the banks would save on rent and maintaining the ATMs in future. Are you happy with digital payment or want cash transactions to continue through ATM withdraw?

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    It is good to have digital transactions and no cash dealings. But as long as real estate transactions are there you can't eliminate these cash transactions. In our day to day affairs, we may be doing all transactions by digital transactions only. I am paying cash only to servant maid and street vendors. All other transactions are online only. But how they are getting lakhs of rupees as cash in the real estate business. Sometimes I get astonished. An issue which I can't understand. Using ATMs also came down as all purchases are online only.
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