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    Nature adding troubles to life in India with floods in Assam and Bihar

    India is facing the most difficult time now along with the world due to Covid-19. To add to the already worsening conditions, now the monsoon and floods are getting cruel. About 26 districts in Assam are affected with floods and over 100 people have lost their life. Bihar also is affected widely due to flood with roads and other infrastructure getting destroyed due to the pressure of flood water.

    I pray from my heart to God almighty to save India from big loss of it's people's lives.

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    2020 is a testing time for the entire world. All sorrowful news only. Nothing is encouraging. COVID playing havoc and we are all in the houses in Hyderabad., Getting fear to step out even after taking all required precautions also. In almost all states are having the same problem.
    Now floods in Assam and Bihar. I heard around 100 deaths were there. The governments are also not able to understand where to concentrate and what to do. Another 6 months, the whole situation will be like this only I think. All should be watchful and see that they and their families are careful and not taking any chances. Floods may come down in another 2 or 3 days.
    I too join the author and pray to God to see that all people will be safe and all the problems will get sorted to as early as possible. All of you can also join in praying God.

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    Our thoughts are always with the marooned people of Bihar and Assam where the flood situation has gone bad to worse and in one video I saw a person was stranded on his roof top for five days with no water and no trace of any help and some one spotted him and rescued. This is the known case through the social media but there are animals, people just waiting for the help and no one can reach those spots.When some rivers are getting into spate every year, their path must be widened and diverted to other no water area so that floods thus going to the ocean can be tried and saved for the parched throats and agriculture.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Whenever sufficient rains are there we have this problem of foods. It is not the first time that we are witnessing the floods. It is in fact a routine phenomenon. When there is no rain then we have problems of drought and hunger. We have a large population living in those flood affected areas and we do not have any alternative for that. The measures for flood control are very massive as they require large schemes for water channelising, creating additional reservoirs and canals to divert water to different areas for its level control and things like that. Unfortunately such big projects cannot be undertaken in our country because for even the smaller projects the environment protection groups start hue and cry mostly to meet their political motives. Then Govt machinery has a lot of corrupt practices down the line and these big project might have quality issues and if they break or could not contain the extra water then other man made calamities would happen. So we have to just show our crocodile tears every year when the floods or droughts affect the masses in our country.
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    The present year 2020 seems to be tough in all the angles especially due to spread of COVID 19 and has taken lives of the people which cannot be compensated in any way. Then the other factors too have escalated tension such as lay off the labours from the different constructional activities and their consequent migration to their native place on bare foots. Sometimes they have met with accidents causing heavy lose of lives.
    As if all these are not enough, floods in the Assam and Bihar are in the active form and the death toll in Assam is alone 100 where as in Bihar there are casualties but the figure has not been disclosed. Wherever we see, we see the gloomy pictures such as loss of production in the industry, no further recruitment etc. Hope this will turn a better shape in the next year.

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    Assam floods are not the first disaster that has caused the loss of life and wealth, but the annual floods and summer droughts are one of the major disasters of India.
    Not all parts of our country receive equal rainfall. The rivers of the south receive 90 percent of the water and the rivers of the north receive 80 percent of the water in the four months from June to September. This leads to an abundance of water during the monsoon months and a shortage of water in summer. Nearly all areas of the country have plenty of water available during the monsoon months. The problem of floods and droughts can be faced by storing this water.
    The problem of flooding is aggravated by almost all the drains falling into the rivers. The floods wreak havoc in a large area. The floods hit the poorest sections more. If the rainwater is collected and stored in small ponds, ponds, and dams, and it is transported within the land, then the floods can be greatly controlled.
    To solve this problem, the only solution would be to make a proper plan and implement it properly.
    The government also keeps working in this direction, disasters are reduced by the Disaster Management Act, etc.

    Swati Sharma

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