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Loved a young character in a novel? Write why you loved him or her and win a prize! A simple, quick contest for members, closing on 22nd July.
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    The child in you - book character contest

    Many of you may have fallen in love with a child character in a fiction book, even imagined yourself as that character. Now's the time to convert that mental image to words and bring out the child in you! To challenge you, this is going to be a fast contest of a short duration for just five days.

    What you have to do: Tell us which child character in an actual book you would like to be. The character can be a child between age one and 12 years. Name the book, author and child character and concisely and clearly state why you have selected that particular character. You must be convincing in giving the reasons for selecting that character. We don't want an elaborate narration of the book's story. Intead, for example, you can talk about the child's traits and mention the names of a few other characters as well. Do not write over lengthy text, be concise.

    1. The book should be an English novel which is fictional and can even be a children's novel but should not be a biography or autobiography. Also, no characters from comics, religious books, epics, fable stories and folk tales will be allowed.
    2. Only one entry per member is allowed. In addition to your own entry, though, your children can also participate and you can submit their entry with their first name or initials and age mentioned at the end of the text. We will take it on trust that it is the child's entry and not your own written text.
    3. A member cannot select the same character as already submitted by somebody else. However, do not make any prior selections and 'reserve' a character, because if you do not submit that character, then it will be lost to another participant.
    4. The entry must be submitted in a response in this contest announcement thread itself. No title as such is required.

    Example of how to post the response:
    Book: The Lily Pond
    Author: Sarika Pandey
    Name of child character: Lalita
    [Below this write in proper text why you selected Lalita as the child character you would like to be]

    There will be a cash prize of Rs.75/- for the two best write-ups, and one or two other entries will get Rs.50/- for the next best ones. Non-winning participants may be given enhanced points and cc up to max. 20. In case of more than five entries from children, we may give one or two separate prizes for the best entry/entries from this group.

    Closing date: 22nd July 2020, midnight.

    If you have any queries related to this contest, you can submit them in a response to this thread.
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    Book : Peter Pan and Wendy
    Author : J. M. Barrie
    Name of child character :
    Peter Pan
    This character has inspired us to keep our inner child open. To never let that inner child grow up. To be adventurous, and keep seeing things from a new perspective. Also the character's persona teaches us why responsibilities and growing up is necessary. I'd love to be this character for the above said reasons, also who does'nt want to reclaim their childhood once more and relive it all over again or be a child forever.

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    Good to see the first quick entry. Members should note that there is no need to put the [ ] and are permitted to edit their entries to correct any general spelling and grammar mistakes.
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    Book: To kill a mockingbird
    Author: Harper Lee
    Character: Jean Louis Finch

    J.L. Finch, or commonly known as Scout, is a fearless female protagonist, living in Southern Confederacy of USA. She is devoid of all evil in the world as she is only 6 years old. Her father educated her well and never showed any discrimination against her and her brother. Scout is curious by nature and asks many questions. She judges people well despite being that young. Her curiosity and courage makes me like her a lot.

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    Ma'am, can you please increase the age limit of the character as the character I am in love with since my childhood was previously 16, then 18 in the books.
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    Monika Kushwaha

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    Book : Oliver Twist
    Author : Charles Dickens
    Child Character:- Oliver

    This is about a poor child who was actually rich. Oliver was born to an unmarried mother. Immediately after giving birth to Oliver, she dies. He was picked up and he grows in an orphanage. In the orphanage, he suffers ill-treatment without sufficient food. One day, when he asked, 'Sir, please give me more food', the orphanage considers him as a trouble creator and sells him out to an undertaker. There he fights with an older boy and then escapes to London. There he gets involved with a wrong group involved in theft cases and suffers lot. Finally, he comes to know that his father was a very rich person and had another wife who also has a son. All dies. Oliver inherits the wealth of his father and leads a happy life.

    "Oliver Twist" was a non-detail when I was in my XI th standard. My English teacher used to teach this fiction with action. I really cried when Oliver asked, "Sir, I want more." His narration and expression were such that I loved the boy 'Oliver'. Oliver still lives in my heart.
    I remember, I asked my teacher to select this play for our annual day celebration, and I wanted to play the role of Oliver in that. But I was a big boy then. My request was turned down, and there was no play.

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    Book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    Author: Mark Twain
    Child Character: Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer, the leading child character in this book, being an orphan, lives with his Aunt and half brother, is an intelligent boy who is fun loving and does many mischiefs but they all turn into adventures. His main friend Huckleberry Finn is seen with him during most of the mischievous events and every time Tom managed things simply with his much developed childhood wits. There are many interesting adventures that Tom underwent. In one of the instances when he was punished by his Aunt and asked to do the whitewashing of the house boundary, he managed to convince his friends that it was a very enjoyable work and a privilege to do so and everyone would get a chance to do that one by one if they shared their goodies and eatables with Tom. As the other children lined up to do the whitewashing job, Tom enjoyed the things that he got from the other children. The book is full of such narrations which show Tom as an intelligent boy in that tender age.

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    Book: Famous Five (Series)
    Author: Enid Blyton
    Name of child character: Dick

    In the Famous Five Series of books, I had a special fancy to the child haracter Dick a boy who was a middle child between an elder brother and younger sister. In spite of his younger age, he was a sort of mature character playing his different roles very properly and perfectly. I liked him as he had some sense of humour and fun, but at the same time was focused on the task at hand. He used to view things in different angles and many times came with ideas and clues and helped to solve the problem. He was very caring about his younger sister and also admired his elder brother and was in good team with other two also. Unknowingly I developed a favourable bias to him and many times saw my reflection in Dick in those days. In later times whenever I used to hear the phrase John, Dick and Harry the image I used to get in my mind was about these three siblings.

    ( Note: Even recently, in my thread on detective stories-for thread challenge contest)-I had mentioned that I started reading Enid Blyton series like Famous Five and Secret Seven.)

    P.S: (As it is quite a long time from those days, please excuse me and correct me if I miss or err somewhere in my recall)

    [This entry is the joint second prize winner.]

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    Child character: Matilda Wormwood
    Novel name: Matilda
    Writer: Roald Dahl

    Matilda, a six and a half year old, is a highly precocious child who taught herself reading when she was 3 years old. She was fond of reading books. Her interest made her join local library at 6 years where she quenched her thirst of reading books. She was an extraordinary girl with uncanny acumen and forte. But her parents were indifferent to her intelligence. Her father, a secondhand car dealer, was highly rude and would abuse her verbally.

    Oneday she discovered that she had preternatural psychokinetic powers whereby she could move objects without touching them. She used this power for her advantage. She was a softhearted girl. She was kind, helpful and loyal to those people who were sympathetic to her.

    I liked this character for her extraordinary qualities and also she's a self-made person. She's an inspiring character for children.

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    Book: Alice in Wonderland
    Author: Lewis Carroll
    Child character: Alice

    I was always fascinated by this peculiar tale about a little girl who enters the subterranean fantasy world after entering a rabbit hole. While reading this book during my school days I felt as if I was the Alice myself going through those unbelievable surroundings and creatures. When Alice is amazed with them, we feel ourselves intrigued and when Alice is sad or in despair we feel to protect her. The book is so engrossing that the reader moves with Alice on the same steps wherever she goes in that bizarre world. Fantasy is a genre which is for amusement only but in this particular book the author has presented the journey of Alice in such an interesting way that even the adult readers enjoy this book. I had read the story a few times and it was always so refreshing.

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    Book: Against All Odds
    Author: Ramendra Kumar
    Character: Kartik

    The character "Kartik" is a one-armed boy who has to change his school and is treated worst as he is not selected for the school team due to his disability(one-armed). The character Kartik inspires us that if we dedication and passion to achieve a thing nothing can stop us from achieving it. Even our disability becomes our strength and we try to prove ourself to everyone. Here for Kartik, game football was his dream and breath for life. He loved the game so much that his disability, vicissitude or scoffing never let him down nor his passion for the game. It truly inspires us as in the 2005 Bollywood movie "Iqbal".

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    With reference to your request - You'll just have to come up with another character, then!

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    Book: Flying with Grandpa
    Author: Madhuri Kamat
    Name of child character: Xerxes

    I liked Xerxes very much as it made me relive my childhood memories when I was with my grandfather. Xerxes is very much affectionate to his grandpa and cannot even imagine himself without his grandpa. Xerxes understands his grandpa's feelings very well and always tries to be with him. His actions in the story depict the strong bonding between kids and their grandparents. Although the book is for kids it has silent messages for adults also. We should not burden our kids with our expectations and we must understand their requirements, both emotional as well as mental. On another hand, we should also understand the age effect of old members of our family. We should not consider old age as an illness and must try to satisfy their need with lots of love and time. All these lessons to the adults are given by Xerxes indirectly in the story.


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    nice post

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    Book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
    Author: L Frank Baum
    Child Character: Dorothy Gale

    I loved the child character in the book The Wonderful Wizard of OZ. Dorothy Gale is a young girl who lives with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em and with her pet dog named Toto. They are living on a farm in Kansas area. One day she and her pet Toto are caught in a cyclone and her farmhouse is changed into a Munchkin Country in the magical land of Oz. Falling of the house has killed the evil ruler of Munchkins. Good Witch of North arrives with 3 munchkins and gives Dorothy the silver shoes that once belonged to the Wicked Witch.

    The good witch tells Dorothy that the only way to return to her home is yellow bridge road and ask for the power from the Wizard of Oz to help her. When Dorothy leaves on the journey, the Good witch kisses on her forehead and thus gives magical power from protecting from harm. Why I loved this character of this book is that she had the desire to return to home at any cost and she does it with the help of the magical power given to her and as a child, it was a great moment for me when growing up.

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    Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (1997)
    Author: J.K.Rowling
    Child Character: Hermione Granger

    Hermoine Granger is dream image of myself. She is charming, witty, daring, and always willing to explore the world to gain more knowledge. Hermoine is a perfect combination of wisdom and sensitivity. I happen to match one of my favorite hobby with Hermoine when I was a kid. We both would love to explore encyclopedia for satisfying our curiosity. After reading how Hermoine saved her friends and herself from disaster with the help of knowledge gained from encyclopedia, it surely increased my interest in studying the encyclopedia. I think children have great impact of such characters on their soft minds who are like twin soul to them. Hermoine's dare and wit made her print on my adolescent mind forever.

    The main centering character of this fiction novel series is "Harry Potter", but still "Hermione Granger" is my all time favorite. Hermoine is learning magic in the Hogward University along with Harry, Ron and many other students.

    After the astonishing success of this debutante British author J.K.Rowling came up with some masterpiece one after the other: Chamber of Secrets (1998), Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), Goblet of Fire (2000), Order of the Phoenix (2003), Half-Blood Prince (2005)and Deathly Hallows (2007)

    Many novels in this series have eventually turned into Hollywood blockbuster movies.

    [Footnote: this entry is the joint second prize winner. For future reference - avoid needless extra info. It is not 'Hogward' university and not 'Hermoine'.]

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    Book- The Magic of the Lost Temple
    Author- Sudha Murty
    Name of the child character- Nooni

    Nooni is a very inspiring character, whose adventurous mind can bring the child of anyone .
    She is a brave ,kind and courageous 12 years old girl from Bangalore . She loves all forms physical activity and she is very hard working ,adventurous, always eager to learn new things.

    In summer vacations , Nooni has to go to her grandparents' house in the village of Somanahalli located in Indore. Nooni is surprised at the pace of life in her grandparents' village. But she quickly gets used to the gentle routine there and involves herself in various types of activities, including papad making , organizing picnics and learning to ride a cycle with her new found friends. There she has gone on some adventures and has discovered the mistry of the lost temple ,which was built by king Somanayaka. Nooni has played a vital role in excavation of the almost forgotten stepwell of Somanahalli .This was only possible because of her strong will and for her dedication .

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    Book : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Author: Roald Dahl
    Child character : Charlie Bucket

    I liked the child character in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie was a very good child that did not have many demand in life. He had many good character. He loved his family and always respected them. He only wanted chocolate more. But unfortunately, the poor family did not have money for the chocolate. Charlie showed his nobility that time also when he found 50 pence on the street and then bought a chocolate and gave rest to his mom.

    Charlie belonged to a poor family, and spent most of his time dreaming about the chocolate that he loved but can't afford. Time changed, when Willy Wonka, head of the very popular chocolate empire announce a contest in which five golden ticket have been hidden in chocolate bar and sent throughout the country. The kids who find the ticket will be taken on tour of Wonka's chocolate factory and get a special glimpse of wonder within. Charlie miraculously finds a ticket, along with four other children much naughtier than him. On the tour, charlie and his grand pa Joe along with other children went for adventure. All of the children except charlie did different types of mischievous and get taken away.
    This story learn us that poverty limits him from buying a large amount of candy bars but he still is a smart and hard working individual with good character. The moral of the story is that kindness always wins.

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    Book: When Daddy Was a Little Boy
    Author: Alexander Raskin
    Child Character: Daddy (Alexander Raskin himself)

    This book is originally written in Russian language, but I read this book in English. I have had this book since my childhood and got from my father. I was so much fascinated with its beautiful short stories and liked the book so much that I read it several times. Still it is with me and now my son read this book.

    In this book the author tells the stories to his daughter about his childhood incidents that were full of fun, lots of mischief, punishments and some moral lessons also. All the stories are about the everyday life of a little boy living in the Moscow. Some stories like when daddy "How daddy rolled his ball under the car" (when daddy became so possessive and arrogant for his the beautiful blue-green ball bought from Moscow), "How Daddy wrote Poems" (when daddy hurts Aunt Liza by his poems) "How Daddy bit the professor" (When daddy went to doctor for his tonsil operation) and "When Daddy was in School" (several mishaps were there when he went school first time), "How Daddy went tiger-hunting", "How Daddy used to Draw", "How Daddy killed a Snake" and "How Daddy made a footstool" are most amusing and interesting stories. During his childhood the author was so much naughty, funny and mean. The stories also gives some moral lessons that never become greedy, arrogant and high talker. The book includes many wonderful stories of author's childhood which can be compared by either his childhood or his father's childhood. I liked this book so much because I used to compare my father with the author. I think that people of any age group can read and enjoy and get amused by the stories of this excellent book.

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    Book : The Chronicles of Narnia as series of seven novels
    Author : C S Lewis
    Name of child character : Peter Pevensie

    There are four characters in this series Lucy Pevensie, Edmund Pevensie, Susan Pevensie and Peter Pevensie. Peter is the eldest of his three siblings.
    This story is about the good and the evil which is the core of every fiction base story. Lewis was a splendid creator and scholar, and positively realized what he was doing. Narnia is an entrancing area - it may not generally be fun or pleasant, yet there is consistently the fundamental inclination that the heroes will, at long last, win over adversity. Lewis reshapes regular legendary components like centaurs, wicked witches, talking creatures, dwarves and into captivating manifestations in his fictional universe. The greatest exercise gained from the Narnian characters is that you will consistently win by being acceptable, genuine, accommodating, kind, smart or more all - steadfast. This was the center exercise Lewis needed to leave his perusers.

    All things considered, The Chronicles of Narnia are close to consummate books. Simple to peruse, with a message that is now and again unpretentious, but then consistently principal in the perusers' understanding. They are awesome for youngsters and grown-ups and can be perused over and over.

    Good triumphing over evil is the message of this series.

    [Age of the character selected is 13 years. Refer to the instructions given.]

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Book: Jungle Book
    Author: Rudyard Kipling
    Character: Mowgli

    Jungle Book is my favourite book and Mowgli is my favourite character because he is a Super Child. He has adapted himself with nature. He can climb on rocks, trees like a monkey and runs like a tiger and power like a lion. He was never afraid of anyone, even in the forest full of horrible animals. He loves animals and animal also loves him. He has no clothes and toys, but he wears leaves and plays with animals.

    Name: Tejas
    Age: 8 years

    [This entry wins a consolation prize.]

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    Book: Swami and Friends
    Author: R. K. Narayan
    Name of child character: W. S. Swaminathan (Swami)

    In my childhood, I was completely different from the protagonist W. S. Swaminathan of the book, who was lovingly called Swami, but whenever I went through the book, he always impacted me a lot. Before writing this piece, I once again read the book and felt the same effect upon me.

    Swami, a small boy, is naughty, not interested in studies, loved playing cricket, sometimes rude and sometimes polite, speaking lies comes to him instantly and liked every classmate, but is fond of a few of them. I was not naughty, was sincere about studies, I never played cricket but fondly watched my brothers playing and at times served as an umpire. Swami is at times rude to his granny, but the best part is he realises his fault later, which makes him a pure soul. I feel attached to him because I am too fond of my parental and marital family both. The end of the story touches my heart. Swami's love for his friend Rajam brings out his deep emotions which I equally feel for my close friends. The story in between reflects that Swami repents after realising his mistakes which again very similar to my attitude.

    Thus, a character like Swami makes me fall in love with him just because he seems so real. Though I differ from him in some traits, he attracts me a lot. It's because I feel sometimes being a little naughty and disobedience is also fun. Such childhood becomes memorable and remains a topic of a funny discussion during adulthood which I long for in my present life.

    [This entry is the first prize winner.]


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