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    Sharing devices - things we should not forget

    In the current scenario of working from home, it is possible that two or more family members are sharing a laptop or desktop, maybe even a Tablet. It would be considerate to think about others who will be using the device after you because they may be in a hurry to log in to their own emails or start an online meeting quickly.

    A few suggestions-
    1. Do not keep multiple tabs and windows open.
    2. Do not keep your email account(s) open.
    3. Ensure that the device is reasonably charged and the battery has not worn down.

    I think each of the persons using the device should not be so focused on his/her own use of the device that he/she forgets some basics as mentioned above. Imagine the next person having to quickly start an online meeting and the laptop is not charged, with a socket not necessarily so close by that it can be plugged in quickly.

    So any other bits of advice you can give?
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    In my use I mostly use my desk top computers and children rarely touch it for their use as their mobiles are widely used for any browsing and sending messages or images or even videos through mails. My son has his official laptop which I use sometimes for its mere fast browsing and work gets over within short period. But my son always insists me to open the windows on Incognito mode so that no cookies and additional information of by browsing and sharing is stored by default in his laptop. And my daughter's not book is used by her only and my wife phone is used by her and the matter ends there. But as soon as we complete our works all windows must be closed and logged off.
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    Yes, this advice is the need of time. We are also sharing the devices and in fact, my son is waiting desperately for my laptop as his online dance class will start at 5.00 pm. Fortunately, we have 2 laptops at home otherwise it would have become difficult to adjust both online school and office work at the same time. My neighbour bought a new laptop recently to manage his kid's online school. So, in this situation, we must prioritize our work and share the available devices accordingly. But at the same time, we should also take care of our login credentials and must not save them on the device for security reasons.

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    Good suggestions provided here regarding the sharing of devices. Here I would like to add one more thing and that is related to the new user account. Generally, when the system is used by a single person you will find a single user account but when another person is also sharing it create an account for that user too.

    Suppose, A & B in the family are sharing the same laptop/desktop at home. Create two user accounts in that case - one for A and the other for B. You will find details about this from the Microsoft support topic on Create a local user or administrator account in Windows 10. The same is available for all the other operating systems too. If you are not much aware of the process you can Google it specifying your operating system.


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    Thanks. This was a very useful thread. I give my sister my office laptop for her work sometimes. I advise her to use Private browser of Google. My computer is frequently monitored by my office management though Teamviewer. So I often ask her to save her files in a folder in a not-so-easily accessible place.
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    A valid suggestion from ME. But I am fortunate that I have a laptop that is not being shared now. Earlier, my wife used to share my laptop. Now she has lost interest and is happy with her android phone. My daughter has an office computer for her work from home, and she will never allow anyone to touch it. No question of sharing with others.

    No one dares to share my belongings viz my Padmini, My Hero Honda and Laptop. Even I don't share my fountain pen with others. But due to lockdown and my inability to move to my village, I am not able to care my Padmini. I handed over her to my brother to maintain and care her.

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    We are not using laptops but we are sharing the mobile and sometimes the timings clashes so we tend to lose some information. Some times we can manage with recorded messages but the power crisis is a big menace for us.
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    There are not many necessities in my home to share devices. Very rarely my son uses my desktop. Many times he uses his Smartphone and laptop in some combination for working from home. So rarely he may need to use my desktop/hone when he faces some issue with his laptop/phone. But then he uses the 'incognito facility' to login to his office email etc.

    For me I do not have any exclusive sensitive data or matter in my desktop. So even if my family members use my device I do not mind. I and my wife usually use one another's phone based on the availability of battery and talk time charge availability. Sometimes a particular contact may be available in only one of the phones- like booking LPG etc.
    Other than my family members we do not share our devices to anyone else.

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    Good advice and suggestion that can be followed in the present as well as in the future when we will be sharing our device with others. It would be better for us to make two or three user account on our home page. When we are using, we can use our account to login and do our required activities, the second user can be our family members who would be requiring the system when we have only one device and they may be using it for some personal or official use. The third can be made for guest or as general-purpose users like friend or neighbours who may ask to use our device for their school or college work. In this way, we will be saving our information and browse history safe and without interference from other users. In this way, we will be saved by humiliation or misunderstanding or tension of what will happen if they check our browse history, saved data, pictures, etc.

    The second way to be kept in mind when allowing others to use our device is to log-out of our email, social sites, etc as otherwise when they try to use it, it will directly open our email or social account which we may not be comfortable with.

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    Thank you very much for your advice.

    By the way, I do my work on the laptop but still, if I talk about my other family members, then sometime they could need my laptop .

    So for this, I have made 3 accounts on the laptop for that
    First one is for my working
    Second one is for my personal uses and
    Third account for my family member

    This way to use my device makes me comfortable and I am quite sure that my data is safe and stored properly.

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    When we are sharing a device especially the laptop which often happens in families then it is necessary that we give back it in a clean shape after logging out and closing the windows and anything which can create interference and disturbance to the next user. We have to teach these etiquette to all the members of the family.
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